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Vanilla Tahity FlavourArt Review & Recipe [A nice tropical Vanilla alternative for DIY Eliquids]

Vanilla Tahity FlavourArt Review & Recipe [A nice tropical Vanilla alternative for DIY Eliquids]

Welcome to Diy eliquid recipes . Im john and I hope you are having a good day or a good night where ever you are right now. For todays video I picked to quickly review a very nice vanilla flavor that caught my eye recently in an near by supply store I was visiting.

I knew about vanilla Tahiti but with the huge amount of vanilla flavors available I never made an order with it . And since I just found it in front of me now I had to try it. I want to start first by saying that this is a very mild and subtle vanilla concentrate.

It has a nice taste but it would work best together with a thicker vanilla to work as the base. In general the Vanilla Tahiti from Flavour Art is a bright vanilla flavor with a slight almond background.

Some people describe it as being very sweet, flowery or a fruity. I like to describe it as having a sweet vanilla note that you can taste during the inhale and a marshmallow like almond note that is noticed in the background during exhale.

Vanilla Tahiti is not rich and robust as FlavourArts Vienna cream or Madagascar vanilla but if mixed in the right ratio it will brighten up all other the vanilla and cream flavours in most recipes. Tahiti works well with straight cream mixes or fruit and cream mixes.

As a solo flavour it can be used at 2% up to 6%. But even at 5% it is still very bold. To use it as a vanilla base in one of your recipes, anywhere from 2% up to 5% works very well. And last, if you would like to spice up other creams or vanillas you can use it from 0.

5% up to 2% for some extra flavor. If you are looking to get for a more complex and dark vanilla flavour you can mix 2% of vanilla Tahiti together with 2% of either Madagascar vanilla or bourbon vanilla from flavourart.

Now next I have prepared a quick recipe to show you as an inspiration with this flavor. It is called tahiti swirl, it is a mellow and slightly dry vanilla eliquid with a nice complimentary texture coming from the Inawera biscuit.

The sweetener is not mandatory but I would recommend it, because these flavours just alone are slightly bitter. All together it is a smooth and flavourful eliquid full of vanilla flavor and a soft taste.

If you are vaping this recipe from a tank atomizer you might find it a little light on the taste so you could raise everything by an additional 0.5% for some extra flavor. In general vanilla tahity is a nice change to the regular bland vanilla flavors.

It is not creamy but rather dry as a flavor and the additional tropical accents in this concentrate give it a nice twist. It kinda makes me think that this is most likely an attempt flavor from flavourart on a new French vanilla type of flavour.

In any case, as always leave us your thoughts and your comments bellow. And Ill be back in couple days again with a new 3 flavour recipe Im finalizing now. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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