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Vape Daddy – E Liquid Review: Banana Waffle [Maven Liquids]

Vape Daddy – E Liquid Review: Banana Waffle [Maven Liquids]

what’s good YouTube it’s your boy Big Daddy here and I got a review courtesy of my friends at the real vapor company in Waterloo this is maven liquids original series banana waffle is the flavor and we’re gonna bake this in a protank mini kegger I got a little bit in here already but I’m just gonna add a little bit more to my tank here just bear with me right now this is definitely something I’m looking forward to I enjoy my tobacco flavors but I also do like a dessert once in a while and this banana waffle I hear is tasty so let me just add this to my tank this is the Maven liquids this smells amazing right here pop this back on screw shut I’m going to throw this on the I stick ye leaf this guy right here 20 watts little mod box here i’m gonna do a full review on this guy’s well real vapor company definitely hooked the boy up with some goodies tons of ejuice we’re going to be reviewing from the maven liquid series in the RVC series here just going to put that down there they’re a little bit of juice on my hands not a big deal though fire this bad boy up let’s try this out this is the banana waffle by maven liquids that’s nice that’s nice something sweet this is really rich it’s a dessert definitely I can definitely taste like a rich syrupy kind of like a little bit of a like buttery flavor I’ll mixed in with a banana this is like early mornings right here this is something you don’t want to eat before you head out you want you know some waffles you want to treat in the morning this is definitely the vape for you by maven liquids I myself personally like you know like the ry4 type flavors the sweep tobacco flavors I like that type of e-liquid but here this is something i can definitely vape in between meals I can make this in the morning maybe before bedtime I just want something sweet let me take another pull of this great vapor production really nice throat hit I am vaping an 18 milligram but that being said even if you do vape lower Nick you will get some good throw it with the PG in that one right there I am also beeping it on a canker protank mini I like this little tank here on the I stick and that is from our friends at the real vapor company out in Waterloo Ontario they provided us with a maven liquids original series and that is the Belgian waffle so I will put their link in the bottom make sure you subscribe this is your boy they daddy signing off until the next review


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