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Vape Flavor Ban San Francisco has fallen… TAKE ACTION!

Vape Flavor Ban San Francisco has fallen… TAKE ACTION!

Hey what’s up guys Tristan_Vapes here San Francisco has fallen and if you guys love to vape now is the time to take action. *Intro* The FDA is currently considering rules for regulating flavor tobacco products.

Which this can have an impact on vaping flavors for many years to come. Just so you know we are fighting for vaping to be its own thing and not classified as a tobacco product. There was a vote in San Francisco to ban the sale of e-juice with 68% of the city voting to ban it.

The R.J Reynolds tobacco company spent nearly 10 million dollars to save Newport cigarettes by blanketing the city with advertisements on radio, television, and direct mail. Urging a no vote on the proposition E This can continue to other cities around the nation.

Do you really want to lose your favorite e-juice? Just so everybody gets a jists of where I’m coming from. I used to hookah everyday and I used to be very passionate about it. I made the decision to switch from hookah to vape because I didn’t want to hitting tobacco anymore and with all the wide variety of e-juices out there, it was a lot easier for me to transition from hookah to vape.

I have never smoked a cigarette and I have no desire to try one. I also barely get menthol flavors. My favorite shisha from hookah was Starbuzz’s melon blue and when I was able to find a similar flavor to it for vaping, I was very happy and very satisfied.

Like having all these different flavors, I can definitely see will make that transition easier. If anything vaping saved my life. I love to do vape tricks and it’s like an artistic outlet for my emotions.

If we can’t stop this flavor ban, so many small businesses and people will be affected. Before they finalize the rules on how they are going to regulate flavored tobacco, the FDA is collecting feedback in the form of public comments.

They call this Advanced notice of proposed rule making or ANPR period. The current ANPR period for tobacco products is scheduled to end June 19th, 2018, so take action now. The vaping community need to get together, step up, and make a difference.

Lets check this out. The FDA wants to know the effect that flavors have on attracting to trying tobacco products, but they also mention repeatedly that they understand how flavors are also helping adults quit smoking.

I’ll leave a link for all the information in the description below. Make sure you guys comment on the flavor ban. Alright guys thank you for watching my YouTube video, if you like it, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.

There’s also a little notification bell and if you guys hit that, you will be notified every time I upload another video. Don’t forget to comment for the FDA flavor ban and you guys keep it cloudy!


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