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The broadcast that you will watch is only 18 years and over Yoo good night Well technically night here Welcome back to my channel Junior Vapers I haven’t uploaded it for a long time and This is actually my second video and my first video I removed ehhhhh I deleted it because yeah I want to make a new concept Fresh concept So, I will still review the same thing, namely vape But, uhh, because I haven’t had a Mod or something new yet I present something for all of you This Disposable E Shisha Shisha Time Ok Ok lets check it out Because there are 2 products But for me Ehhh It must be the same I mean by the same manufacturer The same brand Just a different flavor I only have 2 Earlier that was mango and this is blueberry and I will review the ones Blueberries Ok So Ehhh this The name Shisha Time Ehhh it claims to be able for 500 puffs Disposable Electronic Hookah Blueberry flavor Ok for the specifications I will show you this soon Wait a minute Ok guys, so I found it Ehh it has the description Ehhh this Shisha Time Disposable Hookah Pen It is Ehh it can puff up to 500 puffs There are actually a lot of flavors Ehhh, actually there are a lot of flavors here If we see there is a flavour Mango There’s a taste of grape, there’s a taste of lemon, there’s a taste Ehhhhh, what is the name? Anyway the flowers There is a taste of peach There is a * taro flavor, there is a vanilla flavor, there is papaya, cherry, cocktail, ehh pineapple Ehhhhh pineapple is pineapple There is also a taste of orange too There is a taste of blueberry, there is a taste of milk Actually, it tastes a lot Only all I have is 2 Mango and blueberries aaa Apart from that it was It’s true for the taste and the smells is good Emm only for a moment huh Ehhh Light-Up Tip, the tip is on, the tip is on It has a red color which I will review later It flames red Red light Color .

.. flame … Yes, it’s a red flame Eheee The red glow If it’s about to finish, it blinks it 10 times If it finishes, it’s not usable or can’t use it blinking 10 times But if it’s still normal, the color is red Teraaah Ehahah teraah Light Bright Ehh then after that it can be seen clearly the point So we can know the levels and If for example the cloud is already low, it feels like it’s already tasteless, that means Ehhh, it’s time to throw it out Maybe Ehee .

.. Ok the advantage is no nicotine, no tar, no smoke Emmm Yes, no smoke But vaperizing things? No ash Yes, no ash, of course The name is also electronic, right? Ok ehh that’s all, I will enter to Product reviews Please wait Okay now I will discuss Ehhh Its Shisha Time Ok, so the way to open it is just to be pulled The cap And what I got is 1 This is Shisha Time Ok I’ll tell you So, the user manual is very, very easy To use it Ok so Just take off the top And living on the puff, from here on, that’s all So we will check the cloud from Shisha Time * puffing * Ok now I’m going to go to the pros and Ehh upside down Eheee The pros and cons of This one Shisha Time Ok to be honest in my opinion I love vaping Ahahaha Eitsss Okeeeyyyy Yak So what I think In terms of ehh it has Cloud is okay I rated it for the cloud The cloud For this price That’s 7 out of 10 for the cloud * puffing * For flavor Yes, I can’t expect much Flavoring 5 5 out of 10 OK, cloud, flavoring, battery life Ehh actually I used this on the 3rd day and still producing okay Uh, but I don’t do chain I don’t chain vape I used it and stop, used it and stop That’s day 3 and Really tasteless Yes, but the price is worth it I’ll tell you how much it costs But for the price it’s worth it * puffing * Then, what else Emmm Already battery life Taste already Oh yes, according to my opinion, this is super duper compact You can take it like this too Just close the top Done, just take it with you Not leaking, not going anywhere You just have to put in your bag Put on your pocket or whatever That’s easy I think that’s all Which is okay from Shisha Time * puffing * I think the cons are super duper lots The first is disposable one use only 500 puffs estimate According to me, I didn’t smoke 500 puffs Ehehe Because I also have a mod I keep changing and changing I don’t think there are 500 puffs Already tasteless, too bad Actually the taste, the blueberry taste is quite okay On first puff up to 20, maybe it’s still okay The rest .

.. the taste like smoke And then… * puffing * The next cons, that’s for sure Zero nicotine There’s no kick For those who like to kick ehh, make throat hits and something like that Who have tried Pod or other disposable Mods This is very very very not welcome for all of you Because ehh zero nic men No taste, no kick It’s not tasteless, sorry Not no flavor but no kick I can’t get the feeling of the sting Like trying to grab something or something like that * puffing * Then the cons again according to me ssssssshhh He gets errors sometimes For example, if you have used it, it continues for 30 minutes You use this every minute once a minute It’ll be right after a while That’s like .

. weird Are you understand, so like it there should be an indicator here So if it lights up like this Wait, I’ll show you this If it turns on like this * puffing * Do you see it? Oh, the light was on So anyway the lights are here There is an LED indicator here It flames red Now the LED indicator often gets error If you already use it and it is overheating So, the battery is hot It’s not hot, it’s warm The battery is warm And it’s really weird It blinking 3 1.

.2..3 … Then usually it can’t be used Take a break and then use it again and then you can That’s the cons I think is the most inefficient for me Because yes, it was so difficult Already in my opinion, I can’t say much Ohiya, maybe you want to know the price point The price is super duper cheap This coincidence Ehh it comes in fruit flavors or fruit flavors Then there’s champange, cocktails ehh coffee as far as i know there is a taste of coffee After all, I forgot Ehhh, that one is around the price of 1$ or 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupiah between that range Ehmm, I think it’s okay for that price And yes, that’s all I think Nothing else needs or can be discussed from this device Because it’s disposable And I remember that once again this is disposable One time use only 500 puffs is just an estimate Not until or maybe until I don’t know because I don’t think it will arrive Here soon Oh don’t focus anymore Ehehe At least this will soon die * puffing * And Yes, that’s all In the next video I will show you Actually, I came across the hack yesterday How do we call it a Disposable Mod Could be ehh Mod for us to use many times Ehh little bit tricky, little bit dangerous Not I don’t recommend it, I’m just trying Yes, later in the next video I will discuss how to from this Mod Like that Ok guys * puffing * Thank you very much for watching Junior Vapers Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE Don’t forget to activate NOTIFICATION BUTTON Stay Vaping Stay Chilling Stay At Home Corona everywhere You have to stay safe, bro Ehh indoor smokers, indoor vaping is recommended from me Because yes, you don’t have to get out You can also shop using an online shop or whatever Yes, right And then Yes, you have to remember Vaping it’s only for 18+ Specialized for over 18 years So for you who watch Those who are still underage below 18 Do not copy Don’t follow As in the disclaimer at the beginning If so, thank you very much Stay Safe Babaaaiiii * piiiiiiiiiip * Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE And write your REQUEST in the COMMENT SECTION Thank You Guys See You


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