Vape Tank Cheap 100,000 VND At ETOY.VN hello everyone, my name is Tuan from ETOY VAPE STORE Today, I will introduce you about disposable tank it is worth for you to try even you like or not like about OCC (coils use in the tank) you must buy this one Because IT’S WORTH IT! I’d recommend you to try this one First, I will open the package then I will review about this this is the box named Geekvape lumi dsposable tank this tank use only once time from GEEKVAPE In this box, we can easily see the tank this color of this tank is orange It has many different colors Normally, we’ll sell it is in random color so which color available in the store, you will get that one here is word “LUMI” Logo GEEKVAPE stamp to check authentic products, you can see the video about the instruction to check authentic product the box was made really delicate In this area the word is “LUMI tank then some parameter about this tank then their Instagram, Facebook then I will open this box Inside include Lumi tank this tank is my favorite in disposable tank in the market because they made the standard package Firstly, one box has only 1 lumi tank in the box still as something inside Spare parts pack to use in here Secondly, they have very detail user manual Overall, Geekvape is the company so when they produce any products, they have o take care of its so no one can complaint about it Now, i will put away and deeply review about this tank here is the tank in this area is ‘Lumi tank’ above here is the hole to fill up e-juice here is the airflow, they are 3 holes and we can adjust easily in this part is the logo, CE and trash bin.

It is clearly to see it here is the part connect to the mod was made in metal material, outside is plastic airflow easily to adjust and smoothly the 4 holes inside the tank help the e-juice through the cotton you can see through it so you can see the mesh coil in the tank and the cotton layer is quite thick becasue the cotton layer is think so when you top up the e-juice in the tank for the first time, you must wait at least 10 mins then you can vape it, it will leak the juice you can avoid getting the juice into your mouth and the juice will not leak that is what Geekvape can do it successfully it has pure layout and easily to see everything inside this tank Overall, this disposable tank is the most interesting tank in the market Geekvape take care well their products Now, I am filling up the e-juice into this tank after filling up the e-juice, leave it there and do not do anything else please wait 15 mins, then you can vape it if you vape it immediately, the mesh coil inside will be burnt Lumi disposable tank here, please remember, this is disposable tank and it is really good one but at the first time you put the e-juice in this tank, you must wait 10-15 mins you can pour it full the tank fill it up and wait 10-15 mins after that, you can vape it normally there is the thing is surprise me I just only set 29 watt in this mod Look! how much cloud its can give us Amazing, my room has so much cloud this is excellent disposable tank it is better what i was imaging about this this is the atomizer go with Lucid kit but now we will sell this atomizer separately and it cost 100,000 VND and it will available after Lucid kit so in ETOY VAPE STORE has already release the lucid kit but the lumi tank will release on 1/1/2019 It means that 3rd or 4th will available to buy at etoy vape store so it release after lucid kit so if you want to use this lumi tank, you have to buy lucid kit when this lucid kit was burnt, at that time you will get the lumi tank’d already released lucid is vape kit has mod and atomizer not this mod (in his hand) disposable tank is this atomizer why is this atomizer special? Firstly, it was made by Geekvape Geekvape is big brand name for ages they always take care of their standard and quality products and more than that they have customer service center in the USA you can find their address in the user manual secondly is about their package other brand make disposable tank pack each box has 3 disposable tank in there so that when you buy 1 disposable tank, we just only give you the product without the box and it looks unprofessionally only Geekvape put 1 disposable tank in 1 box even you just only buy 1 disposable tank, you will have a full box in there on every box, they always has authentic stamp o check on the website their packaging is well-standard like that why don’t we buy it? and another thing surprise me is material they use PC2856 this is the material reach medical rate standard Normally they have food safety rate and medical rate food safety rate is for food and beverage so it is safe for human this disposable tank reach medical rate and higher than food safety rate and this certificate is provided by FDA FDA is food and drugs administration from USA so it is reliable.

Normally, FDA approve something is very reliable ones Overall, this disposable tank is safety and you just fill up the e-juice cost 100k VND and vape it and already FDA approve this items it is medical rate standard and safety and there are something more good things about this tank it can use any mods in the market even it is cheap products actually, i want to put the atomizer in the lucid mod is normal thing so that is why i put it on aegis legend mini 80 watt from Geekvape as well to test it out the original atomizer is alpha tank is really good so i replace it by lumi tank to approve you how good in any device even the cheap mod in LAZADA, lumi tank can work well on that mod as well many people buy bad quality products in LAZADA also can use lumi tank on that mod you just only spend 100k VND and use on that mod easily as long as that mod has the part to connect with the atomizer just like the example here, i only set 28 watt but lumi tank give us a lot of clouds any mods can set 28 watt the worst mod can set 40 W and you can buy it on Lazada still can use it if you want to increase the watt into 44W totally different from 28 W they design it to use mesh coil so when you vape, it will not leak e-juice and get any juice in your mouth almost mesh coils, we have to set Watt is quite high but this tank just only need 28 W so it gives a lot of cloud in the room for someone vape stronger than me.

maybe just set the watt 30-33 W is enough so it means that 1 mod use 1 battery use can vape it for a day for mods use 2 battery, you 28-30 W you can use it for 3 days amount of cloud is more than other tank and the taste of this tank is better because it use mesh coi it is just only 100k VND, and you can try this lumi tank i am sure it is true things and don’t worry about it other mesh coil, disposable tank has to use 50-60W in this lumi tank use from 28W you can save battery and you can use it longer amount of cloud and the taste are better than other coils i think if i release this one, i will decrease the price of iJoy disposable tank at the present, iJoy cost 100k VND later on, i will need to decrease the price ijoy is good choice for you there is something i want to tell you before, i’ve already reviewed about 1 disposable tank and that one is the first disposable tank in the market it comes from brand BLITZ disposable tank.

they sent to me 1 pack has 3 disposable tank in there they have good package, distribution in the USA and support by the USAas well it is quite good, no leaking, nothing get leaking into your mouth then order it to sell it in Viet Nam there are some problem happens it is fault products the quality was different from the products they’d given me to review at the first time, i got the feedback from my customers there is something wrong about this products I just know about this problems when the customers bring me this fault products then I’ve sent the feedback to BLITZ and i didnt get any response from BLITZ later on they didn’t answer and do not really care about this situation then i stop selling this products someone bought this products only from 18/12, i will give you new one from iJoy after collect all error products, i send it back to BLITZ with no answer again this is how I won’t sell their products anymore before this problem happens, Tesla did the same things as well so I stop doing the business with them these are 2 brands, I stop doing business with so that I just only sell products from big reliable brand name in the market iJoy sell products in the cheap price but it is famous brand in the world, you can check it on Google they have their own customer services center they have big factory, well-packaging, so does Geekvape as well and other brand such as Aspire i try my best to sell famous or well-know brand to sell there are some famous reviewer , they make good package and quality products and the prices are lower just like this lucid kit there is no cheap mod to compete with this lucid kit it is just only 880,000 VND now, we run promotion so it is only 800,00 VND until 10.

1.2019 you only spend 100k VND, you will get everything such as mesh coil, medical rate certificate, … when the lumi tank burnt, you just need to get another new lumi tank so it is really clean and safety and you totally replace new one just like you send 100k VND you get new thing to vape it is so clean and safety and you do not need to use the old driptip/ tank amount of cloud and taste are perfect why don’t we buy it? before that maybe you’ve already used OCC but technology is developing so when they produce new vape mod they will develop new things on that vape mod you will see the different in every 6 months the difference happens when you buy new vape mod and do not buy any products in LAZADA because when you buy that cheap quality products, you will get nothing this lumi tank cost only 100k VND and it is worth it you should buy it and experience about it.

Remember to wait 10-15 mins after pour e-juice in the tank you can see through the tank is the cotton layer when it’s ready to use, you definitely see the diferrent before it soaks with e-juice because of pure color of this tank, you can clearly see how the atomizer work Thank you Have a nice day


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