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Vape Tricks Tutorial – Contest Winners – Vape Trick Competition!

Vape Tricks Tutorial – Contest Winners – Vape Trick Competition!

golden on youtube so this includes our first week of the gear schmidt giveaway now i am actually pretty upset with the outcome of this first giveaway we didn’t get the participation we’re looking for i don’t know if you can understand what I was saying or the competition wasn’t made clear enough but one person read sketch congratulations you’re the winner you brought the most subscribers of the page so congrats will video I’m messaging you directly you getting information to send you to send you set up for our next contest where you sending your second one up now we reduce a little different this time instead of the subscriber base contest we’re going to do a trick contest now I figure the trick contest be the easiest way to go and we’re going to be starting off with o’s so jelly o’s all different types of homes what Rose you can do and we’re gonna be basing this on the amount of those the thickness of those as well as the cleanest probably come out so I mean if you got some photos down man go on Instagram put up a video hashtag gear spectra cough that’s Gea are spe k t RI ck Oh fso gear spectrograph so go to put that in your videos go ahead and check it out I mean everything goes with these rules so if you can do single goes double those triple O’s mean the quantity of o’s is obviously going to make more of a quality but you got to make sure they’re clean ohs you want to make sure that they’re noticeable when you see them like it there’s gonna be a lot of degree of the checking on the leg is going to myself in the rest of the gear spec team you’ll be looking at it so we’re going to go through see everything that’s going on pick the winner well then we’re going to go to a next round after this round we’re doing a second round we’re going to change it up a little bit that’s when we’re going to pick the top three finalists they’re going to go out and face off we’re going to put the videos up rockcastle on our website as well as our youtube page get all them together we’re going to leave it to a team boat in a subscriber vote you can have all your friends on Instagram everybody else vote for you whoever wins there they’re gonna get the deluxe package and I’ll set you guys up with that later on not letting anybody know about that yet but it’s gonna be a good one so make sure to keep trying to keep the participation up guys okay so today I’m doing a little trick tutorial mean it’s been asked for a few friends of mine as well as a few other people so want to go throw it out there we start with the basic tricks single owes a single OS can be kind of tricky sometimes if you don’t understand what the consulate behind him is but i found the easiest way for me to do it is that when i create the circle with my mouth off to curl my lips just led the over my teeth now it looks kind of silly when you do that i mean you’re sitting there looking if you look at yourself in the mirror while you’re doing there you look kind of funny to sit in there.

just yeah i mean it takes a while but your lives to be a little tired takes walkers why to get used to it and i found that if you call from the back off from the back of your throat out push the ODE out of it or someone gave a quick example now as you’re doing it you’re going to find you have to find out that level of pressure you’re going to need to push the oil because it’s different for everybody and the reason why I say it’s different because you may have a different feeling you may have a different feeling when you’re doing it if you’re doing it another way there’s other ways to do it you can push it out with your tongue just by slightly pushing your tongue forward now that pushed out smaller oath I push that little bit dentro sometimes you know how to using it but there’s different like there’s many different ways to type to do this I’m going to show you a few other ways as well this is with your dumb now you’re going to know it’s official the O’s I’m going to shoot out as far it kind of a kind of just fall out of your mouth which is kind of cool sometimes depending what you’re looking for and if you’re trying to do a drop o it’s a good way to do it then there’s another way to do it the way that’s the way I first one had to do it and it’s hard to explain that kind of collapsed my throat and do a slight just push that on my mouth by closing my throat it’s hard to explain but i’ll show you example they come out pretty clean that way but they just don’t go very far my proof my preferred method is coughing them out that’s one I learnt how to do it and once you figure out how to do the single owes a lot of the other oil to come into place like they’re only goes you get a little practice and you get better at it you’ll find out oh you got to feel the pressure behind your hand don’t push too hard but don’t push if you don’t push hard enough they won’t move if you push too hard will break the O so it’s good to find that balance between well I got another video today make sure to LIKE subscribe our videos if you like our videos you can watch war we got plenty to love it we going to be very good to go in ECC you got an application in dollars for a better spot reserves make sure to check us out there of course you got us on Instagram which is gear speck made everything that’s on twitter @ underscore gear spectators work so find a local shadows and get to renewable dubreq any of us there with any of those need to be talked or anything obvious we’re going to be there so just kick it up a little bit whoa that was dry oh oh god I was about Pleasant all my headers now ooh uh uh sorry guys I was that was very unexpected right now I made a new mistake and just didn’t check my dress before I have to have it or not the wattage oh my goodness I deserve that definitely deserve that


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