Home Product Reviews Vape Unbox/Review: FRECOOL N800 BY SMOK / TAGALOG

Vape Unbox/Review: FRECOOL N800 BY SMOK / TAGALOG

Vape Unbox/Review: FRECOOL N800 BY SMOK / TAGALOG

good morning guys today samanya hagen box number gonna dim pad it all I am free coal and 800k designed by smoked tako guys uncanny evasion maganda simply add narration de la vaca Simon prefilled pods morality liquid isolation technology inviolate Oh samanya on topless in eatin illiquid isolation technology now and 800 kid parent in Shanghai percent nicotine sought by volume it means 50 mg la pagina and 800 keep new maha samus a box not olive easily good at improv field but a USA made illiquid Philippine edition one mango ice and one tobacco long yummy patent capacity nummy each pad is 1.

5 mil each marination stainless steel dual coil 800 milliamps the battery 24 called Clara contacts you ship airflow channel a champ rail an illiquid isolation technology there are unbox Nana Depot three cool Naren Shankar sama warranty card and shall play on user manual maybe summer in Chong silica gel he says in a shallow and charging cable USB to micro-usb sanema grabbers no me type C : type : 18 belong prefect but tobacco and mango ice try not into mana same prey and adding three coals and 800 kid from the unit into plastic firmly can happen John Donvan de carbon fiber piranha boo blue Bob black magic tree model de come on come upon us in Novato actually same exact pad or device micro USB port yeah a chamber compatible de novo – cartridge seat okay an 800 clip on Cessna I 88.

3 by twenty four point five by fourteen point five millimeter at angry I 43 drums but the capacity is eight hundred milli amperes at salmon young propelled pods a male among 1.5 ml aegis capacity at an output power near is six watts to 25 Watts input voltage is 3.

3 volts to 4.2 volts output voltage is three point zero volts to four point zero volts charging voltage five volts no fighting button no control button – i autotroph LED indicator myrrh and shoddy topper Indian attention I get an a on my box alpha hottie nonprofit pod make it an Athenian LED indicator I think I am a resistance now zero point six arms to 0.

5 ohms I talk tech Manhattan young man twice a Donna Etherington Ottawa illiquid isolation technology nonsmoker a TV Popish no perform a spinning coil Atma basa non Egyptian cotton modern technological where are my food where during the return path of Nicias a device to initiate a push pop a soft salud para ingre given Athenian spinetto Burma Peter Newman coil a nap Muraki passionately do Sabula anti lanthanum 5 minutes for Time Attack bahama so nog employ and train at incubate I own a tiny on LED indicator sitting up along LED indicator not in between 70 to 100 percent orange thirty to seventy percent at a grade below 30% nylon and Latakia charged a team I think oil is one point four ohms it a trek on a wave at Omaha point at Babylon oil and guys trikona mcwrap on CN 800 in battery Nia orange parade getting caught article published for Maghreb but no booze Naima pass among prefilled pub where they at me maybe banana man K or Congress to no longer available part fascist our name on novo to that maybe be delicious amount authorized resellers Murray recommend Co boxy and it had red cape Paris an empty l-lucy me loose MTL draw where they pair Paris event of Asia mother recommend kosher come Babylon Omaha Moline and smoke free kool-aid n800 get or Gaston immigration say shop no play the game again choirs identity in alibi Kosovo by young face bullying and enter trading and gas after your own first unbox nap indeed as a child a balloon or at Marea time begonia and box box mod but our de arte and hardly terrain and guys please click the subscribe button and hit the bell icon ramen notify chaos Amano Bhagwan upload data you


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