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Vaping E-Cigs Cleaning Your Gunky Coils!

Vaping E-Cigs Cleaning Your Gunky Coils!

you ever just built a cracking coil I mean it is bitchin you got your organic cotton in there you’re vaping on it oh wait it’s just a heavenly vape and then three days goes by and it just didn’t that good anymore I mean when you first built it it started out as E and then after a few days it just sat that he well I’ve been there and I know if you rebuild your rdas RTA’s if you’re just a rebuildable nut i know you’ve been there as well today I’m going to show you guys how to take an old donkey ass coil and bring it back to life as if it was just brand new you ready let’s go all righty so look at that coal right there and with this setup right here this exact same setup I’ve been vaping on here for about three days now as you can see the coil is completely black and that’s that gunk that we’re going to clean off and what I do is I just pull this cotton out gently pull this cotton out just like that all you have left is the coil and it is completely black and right above this atomizer is a faucet and all I’m going to do is I’m going to dry burn this coil make sure it glows red hot and then run tap water over the coil and what that does is it gets rid of the gunk it just falls right off of it and pretty much makes the coal brand new again I’m gonna tilt it just like that I’m gonna give it a dry burn okay burn off all that quality’ glow red-hot hold that for 10 seconds okay and then what I’ll do at an angle and look how clean that coil is I mean it went from black to brand-new again but yeah hold that for a good 10 seconds tilted at an angle any excess water that gets on the top of this mod just wipe it off get in there with the atomizer is gently tap you don’t want to mess the coil up but just then gently tap pull that water out of the the deck so that call has been dry burned all the gunk is completely off now what I’m going to do is I’m going to insert a new piece of cotton in that coil oh yeah what I’d like to do with drippers is this piece instead of cutting it I’ll place it on the post because that’s the first place it’s going to go in our drip and when I drip and it hits that piece up top it wicks right down to the coil it’s always good to have your wick above your coil and below your coil as good as new a whole year all righty so that is how to clean your coil up put some new organic Cod back in there and get back to it they’ve been heading got it back on my preferred personal vaporizer right now the Hana mods b3 this thing takes the cake how fine you just can’t beat this regulated 30 watt device the coil I have is a 1.

6 mm regular micro coils you guys saw I’m got her at 21 watts I mean before I cleaned her off I had a vaild and it wasn’t even close this is the same cool guys and that’s the beauty of using organic cotton you can pull the old [ __ ] out put the new stuff in rock and roll that’s also the beauty of micro coils micro coils will last you a really long time if you take care of them you clean them off what I do just like what you guys saw clean her off put new cotton in and I repeat that process of a few days I’ve had a coil last me six months it didn’t ever die out it never popped on me it was 28 gauge and it was just a regular micro coil but six months can you believe it it didn’t die on me I just pulled it out and put a new one in just cuz I was born one day I guarantee it had gone longer in 6 months that’s the beauty of micro coils and cotton that juice Gunks up gets all black and nasty all you got to do is pull the old cotton out dry burn it stick it under tap water falls right off pop new cotton back in and you’re rocking and rolling that is how to revive your coil this is ripped rippers and remember smoking is dead vaping is the future and the future is now


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