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Vapor Product Spotlight – Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Regulated E-Cigarette Battery

Vapor Product Spotlight – Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Regulated E-Cigarette Battery

Hey vape fans, it’s Zay with Mt Baker Vapor and today we’re going to be going over the Aspire Atlantis. Let’s see what we’ve got. Alright, so what we have today is the Aspire Atlantis, and right out of the box this is what it’s going to look like.

I’ll pop this open and here’s the actual tank itself. We’ve got the stainless steel and pyrex glass tank so you don’t have to worry about any type of tank crackers if you’re vaping our e-juice. And then, right under that, pop this out.

Alright, right here we have the replacement glass tank, so in case you drop it or it breaks you can just pop another one in here. These are the 2ml tanks, you can get other ones. And, they also come with another stock 0.

5ohm coil. These do have 4 holes for the BVC coils for the wicking to draw in the e-juice so whether or not you’re vaping a 50/50 e-juice or a higher VG blend e-juice, you shouldn’t have a problem with wicking that at all.

So, when it comes to the tank, there’s really a lot of good things about it. Mainly the airflow on it is kind of like the Nautilus or the Mini Nautilus if you have used them. It has the click in place airflow and there is definitely a good variety of airflows on here.

You have all the way open, in case you just want to blow big clouds or you can cut it off just if you want more flavor, but all in all it’s a really good tank when it comes to the clicking in airflow.

Another thing is the wide bore drip tip on there. This tank just has so many different things for airflow it’s ridiculous. It’s a really tight snug fitting drip tip so if you wanna throw in any of your other drip tips it should fit pretty nicely in there.

A nice thing about this clearomizer is the fact that it is a 0.5ohm coil, so the fact that it’s a clearomizer and it’s a subohm coil, it just allows you to, it gives you all you want from an RDA but the capacity of a tank, which is really awesome.

One thing, it does go through e-juice a lot. That’s just because it is a subohm coil, but other than that, it’s a great tank. Alright with the Aspire Atlantis there is a number of airflows on here, so we’re just gonna take a couple pulls from each one.

Right now, this is going to be the smallest airflow, with the 0.5ohm stock coil. The wattages recommended for 20 or 15-30 watts for 0.5 ohm coil and I am at 30 watts on the Sigelei 100+. So, I’ll take a couple pulls of this.

It’s pretty nice on just the smallest one. Definitely you’re getting a lot and the flavor is awesome. We can go ahead and move up to the second smallest one. It only keeps getting better from this point I feel like.

Especially if you’re going for the clouds, it’s like you’re like a kid in a candy shop with this thing. And, the biggest one. It’s amazing, that’s all I can say. Alright that’s what we have today for the Aspire Atlantis, so go ahead and leave all your comments and suggestions down below.

And we’ll see you next time.


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