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Vapor Product Spotlight – Cana DNA 30 Regulated E-Cigarette Mod

Vapor Product Spotlight – Cana DNA 30 Regulated E-Cigarette Mod

Hey there vape fans, this is Chaps with Mt Baker Vapor. Today we’re going to be going over the Cana DNA 30 that we have here. So this is a Hana clone, but it is a really good piece of equipment, and we’re going to be going over some of the advantages of it today.

Alrighty, so when you first get your Cana in the mail, it’s going to come in this fairly nondescript black box, but don’t let that fool you, there’s a great piece of hardware here inside. So the first thing you’ll do is you’ll just open up one end of it.

Now inside it’s going to come with the charging cable, it’s retractable, it’s a pretty nice charging cable. You get that, you also get this little mini blue screwdriver, and this is what you’re going to use to first unscrew the threads on the mod.

So then you’re going to get this. This is your beautiful brand new Cana mod. As you can see we’ve got the blue one here, you’ve got a charging port here, your display here, and you’ve got your buttons right here on the side.

On the back here you’ll notice that there’s two, somewhat loose screws that are actually inside of the device itself. That’s where this little screwdriver is going to come in handy. So you take the screwdriver and you just gently unthread it, and then you can use your fingertips to actually get it the rest of the way.

Now this is a pretty small screwdriver so for some people it may not work the best. If you’ve got just a little household screwdriver, the size of the actual head on that isn’t that small, it’s not microscopic, it’s pretty decent.

Most hand held screwdrivers will do just fine. So then you’ll remove the back plate off of this and then inside you’re going to have the guts of the mod, where you’re going to put your battery inside.

So we’re going to go ahead and take our battery and just slap that right in there, just like so. Then, we’re going to go ahead and put the back case back on. You want to make sure that the wider of the two, you can see that there’s kind of this narrow little indentation here and then you’ve got a larger one.

That larger one is going to sit over your battery. Just so you know, if you put it on the other way it’s not going to fit, so just make sure you have this wider field over the actual battery itself, just like that.

Take your screws, place them back inside of the holes there, and then you’ll just thread them in. They don’t have to be Hercules tight, they just need to be hand tight on there. They’re pretty solid construction so you don’t really have to worry about it coming apart, and that’s going to do us just fine.

Plus, you don’t want to strip the threads, if you strip the threads you can cause some problems. Alright, as you can see here this is a 510 connection, so you’re going to need to use a 510 threaded tank or dripper.

Now right away after you put the battery inside you’ll see that the display turns right on. Alright, so right now we’ve got it set to where it’s at 10.2 watts. I think that’s just because of the factory settings or what not.

But you can also adjust it. So, we’ve got the buttons here and here. Pretty straightforward. If you click this button five times, that’s your firing button, you’re going to notice that it’s going to come up and it’s going to say Locked .

Just like that. Click five times locked. While it’s locked, that’s when you can adjust some of the other little neat settings that this one has. So, if you press this button, your fire button, and you press the top up wattage adjustment, you’re going to see it go like this.

Right mode, which is default, you hold it for five seconds and Left mode. Left mode makes it to where the device actually switches to the other side, so for those lefty’s out there, you’re going to have a little bit more of an accessible display.

To switch it back do the same thing, hold it for five seconds Left mode, Right mode. Alright, so then you’ve also got your stealth mode setting, which is great because you actually just go ahead and while it’s in the locked setting like before, after you’ve clicked it five times and it says locked you’ll press the down wattage adjustment button, this guy right here and you’ll hold that and the fire button for five seconds.

Normal Mode, Stealth Mode. Stealth mode means that the display turns off, so you actually don’t have this bright blue display that’s causing any issues there. You’ll still get a battery indicator, but it doesn’t actually show the whole display unless you’re adjusting.

Then to undo that make sure that it’s locked, one, two, three, four, five. Locked, click both buttons, hold and then it’s going to go back to normal mode. Normal mode is going to have the whole set up there.

Now, once it’s locked, just five more clicks and it’s going to be unlocked there. As said before you’ve got your wattage up here and your wattage down here. If I click wattage up it’s going to go in 0.

1 watt increments up to your required wattage that you’re looking for. And then your wattage down here. You can also click and hold if you want it to go a little bit faster. It takes a couple seconds to ramp up, and then it goes super fast.

And, as you know this is a DNA 30 clone chip, so this can go all the way up to 30 watts, right there. Alrighty, pretty straightforward. I personally prefer to keep this thing right around the 10 to 11 watt range, just because that’s what works best on most tanks I’ve found.

Some tanks will function better at a lower range, some tanks will function much better at a higher range, but I’m going to show you right here what I mean. So I’m gonna go ahead and ramp this up to 10.

5 watts, right there. And then we’ll go ahead and take our full size Nautilus tank on here. Once that’s on here, you’ve got your active display here, and the active display is going to show you that you’ve got your ohms reading right here at the top and then what the voltage output is to get to that requisite wattage rating right there.

So, use ohms law, does all the work for ya. And then, vapes great. Alright, so this is your charging port here at the bottom. That means you’ll never have to remove your battery from the device. It’s a micro usb charger, comes with this one right here which is perfect.

You’ll just plug the micro usb charger here into the base and then once that’s in there, you’re going to go ahead and plug this end into a usb charger. And that’s going to go ahead and make sure that the device is charged with the battery indicator right there.

There is no indicator light on the base, but that’s okay. When this is plugged in and charging, you’ll see a little bit of a red hue kind glow around the display itself, which is going to tell you when it’s actually charging.

Alrighty, well that was the Cana mod, the DNA 30 here. As always if you have any questions or concerns leave them in the comments field below. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share with your friends.

And as always Vape on!


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