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Vapor Product Spotlight – Kanger Subtank Clearomizer E-Liquid Tank

Vapor Product Spotlight – Kanger Subtank Clearomizer E-Liquid Tank

Hey vape fans! It’s Joe from Mt Baker Vapor and today we’re going to be going over a new product from Kanger. The Subtank! So the first thing you see when you open up the box is the Subtank itself. It’s made out of pyrex glass and stainless steel.

It comes pre-installed with a 0.5ohm organic cotton coil. Next we have some documents here, instruction manual, authenticity checker to make sure you have an authentic product from Kanger, and then it has this little warning card that tells you to prime your coils before you vape them because it is an organic cotton, so if you fire that and it’s not completely saturated you could potentially burn the cotton.

Included is a second coil, pre-built organic cotton it is 1.2 ohms the recommended power range is from 12 25 watts on this one. On the 0.5 ohm coil it’s 15 30 watts. Also, in the Subtank is the rebuildable deck.

Just like a Kayfun or a Russian style rebuildable tank, it’s got a standard positive and negative screw post, it comes with a dual coil set up, already pre-built on it, you’ll just need to wick that with the included organic cotton.

Also included in this little baggy here is a screwdriver, some extra screws for the deck, as well as two extra coils you can screw on there. When using the tank with the pre-built organic cotton coils, the tank will hold a 6ml capacity.

When you use the rebuildable deck you will need to swap the top piece of it. So, to use the tank with the rebuildable deck, you’ll have to unscrew the top part here, and put on the slightly shorter chimney here.

That’s going to reduce the capacity down to 4.2ml, but you’ll have your rebuildable deck in here rather than the pre-built organic cotton. Now also on the Subtank is has three different airflow options.

You have two holes open, or three holes open, no holes open, or one hole open. That’s going to adjust the tightness of the draw and how much airflow is going through to the mouthpiece. The Kanger Subtank is 25mm and won’t fit on most mods, like the Cana Mod DNA 30.

So you can just screw on the beauty ring, and this will fit flush on any 22mm mod. It has a removable drip tip as well. So we’re going to disassemble this, it unscrews from the bottom to refill or replace the coil.

This is the pre-installed 0.5ohm organic cotton coil. Here we have the rebuildable coil head that’s going to screw into the exact same spot that the organic cotton coil was. So we’re going to remove the screws on the top here, then we’ll take the RBA top cap, line up the holes and replace the screws.

Then you’ll see when you assemble it with that shorter chimney, it will then make connection with the rebuildable deck. There’s a significant size difference in the chimney there, that’s why it holds a lot less e-juice in the rebuildable mode.

So, just like that, holds 4.2 ml. I’ve built on it with 26 and 28 gauge. Thicker wires might be a little bit harder to get on the deck, but other than that, it’s very similar to a Kayfun or Russian style tank.

So that’s it for the Kanger Subtank. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel for more product videos, and stay tuned.


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