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Vaporesso Target mini II Kit Full Review & Breakdown

Vaporesso Target mini II Kit Full Review & Breakdown

What is happening everybody I’m vigils be vapes be very welcome to the channel you’re there if you’re watching on YouTube Instagram TV or somewhere else. Valparaiso is one of those companies where their main focus has always been innovation and safety.

Actively testing and developing better safer and cleaner devices for these industry. So today we are taking a look at the target meaning to it the successor to the previous target mod which was a huge hit and is still seen in the hands of a lot of vipers nowadays inside the box.

Because this is a kid we got a tank. It is called the VM tank 22 and already comes with a coil has reassembled the inside. We also get the target mini V2 box mod a super small model just like the predecessor and this is the deal called ONE MATCHING THE included tank really well.

Then underneath we get the target mini V2 user manual as well as the warranty information with the authenticity check sticker but also a spare glass tank as well as a little bag with some spare or rings extra coil head in the tool to disassemble the tank.

And last but not least a micro USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades the VM tank 22 is a rather small but chunky and heavy tank comes with the 510 downwind drip. Therefore compatible with other 500 tips the glass tank is protected in enclosed inside at the bottom we have the airflow adjustment ring and down below the 510 connection and some information about the tank the top fuel part doesn’t have a whole lot of threads to go through so it only requires half of a third to open and expose both the feel part and the locking screw the airflow adjustment ring offers a very good flexibility ranging between a wide slot and individual tiny holes for the much tighter airflow and a lot more precise adjustments at the same time and unscrewing the base will give access to the coil heads which is literally just there being held in place by the base.

It’s kind of weird to have the coil falling out that easy but at the same time it requires no one screwing or even any need to grab the coil have and get your fingers juicy to switch it out to replace the glass tank inside.

You simply only have to use the included two or super large flat has screwdriver to unscrew the security screw and the whole thing will come apart releasing the glass tank inside its cage. They include two coils in this kit.

One is a one ohm coil rated to operate between 10 and 13 Watts ceramic coil using ceramic as wicking material but still using regular round wire as a coil on the inside just surrounded by ceramic. The other is a mesh coil have zero point six ohm coil has rated to operate between 16 and 22 Watts using cotton as wicking material instead and it is kind of sort of a net coil on the inside.

But despite all the specs on the coils the material each one of these coils inside is made of isn’t stated anywhere and that’s a cotton vaporous so please these close the material the coils are made of are they made out of cathode stainless steel Micron.

Please let us know. Most importantly never forget the prime a new coil had when its new Target mini v2 is machined out of zinc alloy it is super small it is shipped pretty much like a grip which to be honest is nice as far as Luke’s is concerned but even those shaped like a grip.

To be honest doesn’t really make much of a difference neither make it more ergonomic due to how small the mod is and how easy it is just to wrap your entire hand around the device at the top. We have the 510 connection and despite being glued tank being twenty two point five millimeters in diameter the MoD will fit up to twenty three millimetre diameter atomizer is with no overhang whatsoever on the front.

We have the firing button shaped like a trigger cliquey and with barely any travel we have the usual 5 cliques of 5 cliques on under the fire but then we have the control screen super small and super deemed too under the screen we have both the menu slash selection button and the pleasant minus adjustment buttons all cliquey and protruding from the face plate ever so slightly but very very small and hard to press under the month.

We have a couple of ventilation holes since we have an internal and non serviceable battery but they actually added some very fine mesh to help protecting the internals from any debris on the right side.

We have the micro USP part that will be used for charging and even firmware upgrades. This is also one of those mods where you can still vape while the device is charging. When we take these little guys we can see the type of battery they used and everything else looks pretty clean.

They’ll sold rings the component assembly. Even the 5 10 connected does seem like it was press fit from the top but then underneath we have a little ring that was pressed fit from underneath to help securing the 510 in place.

What I would say it is not the most solid or the most secure component on these assembly is the micro USP part because the micro USP part that doesn’t only protrude from the PCV but it is also only held in place with very very small tiny soldiering points so I wouldn’t yank on these micro USP part too hard.

The screen is actually super bright but then of course we have the tinted cover on the housing that makes the screen so damn dark so deems it such a shame to have a bright screen being deemed by the cover on the back.

We have the main inductor As far as features functions and menus you can already see that we do have a clock. And even though we have a super tiny screen you are going to find pretty much the same features we’ve seen on previous oppressive devices.

Trick clicks of the fire button to look you just ability you are not gonna be able to adjust this device or meets adjust these device but you are still going to be able to fight if you have an atomizer attached which is not the case right now to unlock the just ability just press the fire but then three times you can see that the padlock disappeared from the screen to access the menu.

You have to press this button three times to access the main menu and if you hold the selection button it also does the trick on the menu. Gonna find the three main variable wattage modes the normal one which is going to give you the what did you have set on the screen you have the heart and you have the soft which are going to be a hard or soft ramp up in variable wattage mode.

We have the battery bar. You also have the mode. We have the wattage. We have the intense resistance which in this case is showing nine point ninety nine because we have nothing attached. We have the counter the applied voltage in the time of the puff including the time of the last puff to adjust the what did you do with the left and right buttons in you can adjust the wattage from five watts in point 1 Watts increments are in 1 Watts increments if you hold either the left or the right button all the way up to 50 watts CCW is going to be the variable power curve.

SB these like the Super month we’ve discussed this before on previous repressive devices it is a mode that I don’t particularly care about and I don’t really agree with because for variable wattage we have variable wattage and we also have different ramp up slash preheat mode.

So and this is just nonsense. Just like before. And I also don’t like the fact that we have a skull on the screen. We also have a variable wattage amount and in variable What did you move. You adjust in voltage and you would just from point five volts in point 1 volts increments all the way to eight point five volts.

Next we have a custom voltage curve where you can build your own variable voltage curve. Then we have the temperature control modes for the different materials different wires including stainless steel nickel and titanium as well as the two different memory presets if you want to go manually by TCR.

Even though he’s done necessarily need to because when you pick one of those materials you are still able to fine tune the DCI for that material and this is actually the DCI I found to be the most accurate temperature wise for temperature control using a stainless steel wire.

If you want to adjust the wattage you have to go back to that mode you selected. And here is the place where you can still pick what is inside of each one of those materials. You will also have the ability to build your own variable temperature control curves depending on whether or not you go or you select temperature controlled curve or you select normal temperature control by selecting the TCR.

You also have the ability to come back in here and lock the resistance of course once you have an atomizer attached and it is strongly recommended that you attach that atomizer at room temperature. After all those modes we also have bypass mode which is going to give you the voltage straight from the battery kind of simulating a mechanical man.

And we also have said with the different settings you can adjust so default is the place where you can set the factory defaults. You can also set or select the type of clock you want to see. You can also turn the clock off as well as set the time and that’s what’s gonna be shown on this done by screen.

We can also adjust the brightness both countries the place where you can check the puffs. The amount of time vapor than you can also reset all that smart is the feature that if you turn on is going to tell you already is going to suggest the wattage for the coil you want attaching next option is going to be auto.

This is a future where if you turn it on the device is going to figure out the best ramp up for that specific resistance you have attached. Next we have screen and this is the amount of time you want this screen to go into the stand by not necessarily the main working screen but the standby screen.

The one that shows you the clock. We also have the firmware version as well as the model and then we have. That’s right. The version 2 of the target meaning indicates pair along with the VM tank 22 available in silver black red and deal for sixty dollars in places like element via the VM tank.

Twenty two is well thought out. Not without its guns of course but an overall nice tank. It offers great airflow and just the ability for both coil has provided the small hole suit the one on ceramic coil have the best in the ceramic coil also performs really well with great flavor if you use thinner liquids and also excellent throat heat with nicotine ratios around 8 MG freebase and 20 mg Nick Sol mouth along with the one arm ceramic coil have can be really good and tight with just a single hole or two the zero point six ohm coil head in the other hand which is the coil had I currently have inside of the tank and vaping it at twenty two watts.

It is better for direct lung vaping. This one doesn’t even over the same mouth lung draw and flavor the ceramic coil does but the mesh coil hand is excellent for direct lung even at the relatively low wattage is for the mesh coil it performs the best at 22 watts which is the highest recommended wattage for these quail.

It also performs well and still retains some flavor with thicker liquids though I wouldn’t use thicker than 70 percent veggie but the flavor fades away very quickly when used at lower wattage is me personally.

The mesh coil have I would say this coil only performs its best at 22 Watts in 22 Watts only wage on these devices you can go all the way up to 24 because it’s slightly underpowered the airflow on the tank is also super smooth and quiet all across the board no matter the coil used but on the downside and once again the material the coil heads are made of isn’t stated anywhere in the top feel part while convenient even though it has a super large ceiling gasket on the inside it is always always juicy all around there is always a lot of liquid laying around.

I do think the ceiling gasket is thick enough to seal the fuel hole. Meanwhile the coils don’t leak or flood either. So I’m assuming just the threads all alone are sealing the tank really well but you will always find a lot of liquid laying around when you open to fill the tank.

The money is a clear improvement over the target mini version one now offering twice as much battery capacity while maintaining almost the same size and shape overall reading resistances reads them bang on accurate.

Pretty much all across the board but in terms of output it is a little and there powered specially with lower ohm coils and only recovering some accuracy with the one ohm coil and the boat temperature readings in temperature control using the TCR 0 1 0 5 are actually really good and accurate and in terms of the signal in temperature control there is a little spike at first but the spike is followed by an almost perfect and almost smooth this sending signal while it burns through the liquid.

Almost perfect job for pirates so at the lowest wattage we have a flat DC signal and we have a flat. This is a signal without that insane Spike we’ve seen in the previous two or three oppressive devices they release which myself and feel bizarre complained about a lot.

I’m glad to see they’ve finally fixed that all across the board. Also expect the 40 milliseconds response time. Same response time and same clean signal at its medium wattage and a better response time at its maximum wattage 28 milliseconds delay but with a little bit more noise on the signal in soft.

What it does is it starts off to 160 Milli volts lower and then it comes up to the setting after three hundred and thirty milliseconds in hard it does the exact opposite and then comes down to the setting the 5 then spring loaded Bean has a little less Ravel than most common measured in devices throughout the year so some atomizer is made gap the battery advertised are the battery capacity advertised matches my testing one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven million amps hour but as opposed to the advertised two and charging it doesn’t go above one point five amps.

That along with the decay you see on the chart is the reason why it takes one hour and forty seven minutes to charge. And that’s from fully that two fully charged. Last but not least we have indeed internal temperature protection going off around one hundred and thirty five degrees Fahrenheit which is great especially when we have a built in battery enclosed inside the device.

Just a few more cons I want to add and they are the fact that it is a shame. The screen on the inside is actually bright but darkened it by the cover because it is a team to cover. The fact that the buttons on the bottom are so small and will be hard to press if you have fat fingers and the fact that the micro GWB part with such tiny soldiering points and sticking out from the PCV doesn’t seem to be that terrible then it doesn’t inspire me confidence.

So if you want to buy one. Be very very careful with the micro USP charging part If I was to write this script I would give it a B minus. Well you know what. Maybe a B. That’s right. I would write these get a B the mesh coil vapes really well at twenty two watts which is something I think is quite awesome for a mash coil have at such a low wattage and performing these good at low wattage also means a lot better battery life for a mass coil had to perform these good at twenty two Watts I really really like it.

And if you want a chance to score one the silver color one to be precise. You have to participate on YouTube so if you are watching on Instagram TV or any other platform you have to jump over to YouTube.

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All right I’m done. Stay sexy and vape on


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