Home Product Reviews Vaporesso Target PM80 vs SMOK RPM80 Review and Giveaway

Vaporesso Target PM80 vs SMOK RPM80 Review and Giveaway

Vaporesso Target PM80 vs SMOK RPM80 Review and Giveaway

vaporesso called the target PM80 top top, flavor is top notch, Allen’s peach apple juice just blew right oh oh. What’s up my ducklings quack quack, it’s me Fumb Duck and welcome back to my channel today we got sub ohm pod mod by vaporesso called the target PM80 similar to smoke RPM80 now we are going to compare the two but before i unbox this beautiful looking vape if you want more vape reviews vape unboxings and to stay up-to-date to the latest vape information’ subscribe down below to fumb duck’s channel I promise you will not regret it.

This is my second take on this you know why because I was filming this product and my camera just crashed and deleted all the footage look they even opened up the package and I had all my you know juicy bits in there literally unboxed it talked about the device and refilling it.

So what I’m gonna do is I can’t really unbox it so it’s kind of lame but I could still do the comparison of the two and see what’s different between the smok PM80 and the vaporesso pm80 I’ll give you guys a quick rundown.

PM80 has a two thousand milliamp battery a smok RPM80 pro has about a three thousand milliamp battery the PM 80 has a 4 ML pod the smoke rpm 80 Pro has a 5 ML pod. So a little difference, this does come with a 0.

2 and 0.3 ohm coil and two pods I’ll show you guys the pods right now so this is the smok rpm80 pod you know pretty standard has the lip at the top target PM 80 has the lip at the bottom so they’re kind of different in a way I already put the coil in and I’ll juice is saturating but the lip is right there and you can feel like that so that’s kind of cool this is what the inside looks like of the PM80 this is what the inside the smok rpm80 pro looks like this is a much smaller device the PM80 is much smaller than the smok rpm 80 as you could see you hold them in your hand they’re smaller and just the thickness and you can see this is much much thinner designs are both both beautiful but I really do like the PM80 design.

Look at that you can see every little like Ridge on there it’s beautiful shiny, and you can see the camera, kind of cool there’s the power button and there’s the up and down button similar to a smok rpm80 pro the device also does come with a beautiful-looking USB cable it is micro USB charge and has a bunch of manuals and all that stuff at the bottom and again I do apologize I know it sounds like an excuse but I honestly I swear to my ducklings I did unbox this and I was recording in my camera just flopped, like I have no idea what happened another thing about the PM80 is that it does go up to 80 watts just like the smok rpm80 pro and I’m gonna show you both the interfaces right now there you go that’s what they both look like has the puffs, the watts, the amount of times your puffed and all that kind of cool information as well as the batteries at the top the battery life which is really really nice they’re very similar but again if you want something smaller that’s just as powerful go for this.

These use ejuice coils 0.2 and 0.3 is optimal for ejuice I suggest you use e juice for this and this also is good for ejuice but you can use nord coils which will use salt nic in the smok RPM80 pro. We’re gonna compare the clouds of the vaporesso target PM80 with the smok rpm80 pro see which one has a better flavor better clouds we’re gonna test it out right now let’s do the pm80.

it’s damn hard man I’m gonna do 20 watts because it was doing 30 watts no you know what imma go to 15 so I see how big the clouds actually are. Wow clouds are big flavor is top top, is top notch coughing cuz I’m not really used to ejuice I used to use it a lot.

It’s definitely a different feeling in your throat. Or I could just be a noob, yeah the clouds are great I have peach juice in here might as well be drinking allen’s peach apple juice if that makes sense now do the smok rpm80 Pro clouds and compare that as well.

Does have great clouds I mean similar to the PM80 but this clouds just blew my mind just blew right out. Wasn’t as much as this and I did vape for the same amount of time go for the vaporesso target pm80 wicked device a really cool design nice and small and the way to go! What I’m gonna do is max both of them at the same time see how long I could go for I’m gonna cough so expect some obnoxious coughs and I do that right now go boys and girls.

Puked in my mouth again, owwww. Thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video thank you to my new viewers and subscribers for tunning in and I appreciate you guys so much and again I apologize I know it seemed like the video was done half-assed but I promise you I promise you I did do it and I did unbox it and unfortunately the footage got deleted.

The camera just went bonkers like and because of that because of my screw-up I’m gonna be giving away a device today for one lucky winner and I’ll announce the winner in about a week or two giving away the voopoo Vinci similar to smok rpm80 and the smok rpm40 it’s a pod mod it’s a nice big device I’m gonna give that away to one lucky winner and to enter the contest you gotta answer this week’s question and this week’s question is what do you like better salt nic or ejuice explain to me why in the comments down below and again to enter the contest you gotta answer the question put it down in the comments below like this video and subscribe down below to fumb ducks channel for me I like to use salt nic because I feel like it’s much smoother, nic content is much higher so you don’t have to pull as much you won’t need as much vape so I would definitely choose salt nic but everyone’s different so let me know in the comments down below thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video.

If you want more vape reviews, vape unboxes and to stay up to date on the latest vape information subscribe down below to fumb duck’s channel I promise you you’ll not regret it on that note, fumb duck, out! Fumb duck on the track with a little rap.

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