Home Product Reviews Vaporesso XTRA vs Uwell Caliburn KOKO Review and Giveaway

Vaporesso XTRA vs Uwell Caliburn KOKO Review and Giveaway

Vaporesso XTRA vs Uwell Caliburn KOKO Review and Giveaway

Got the vaporesso xtra! Look at this friggin squirrel outside get out of my lawn! This video is sponsored by vapesourcing for all your vape essentials and vape needs! Wooooo, what’s up my ducklings, welcome back to my channel my name is fumb duck and thank you for tuning in to this beautiful vape reviewing day! Today we got the vaporesso xtra.

Extra, Extra read all about it. Looks kind of cool, looks fancy we’re gonna unbox this bad boy compare it to the uwell caliburn koko they’re both square in size and we’ll see which one prevails in this ultimate battle.

But before I unbox this vape and compare it to the koko, if you want more vape reviews, vape unboxing’s and to stay up-to-date to the latest vape information subscribe down below yo my channel and hit that Bell notification for the latest updates on my video and I promise you you will not regret it! Alright open up the vaporesso xtra.

The hardest part of the video every time Okay, look at how pretty that is alright we can unbox this! Come on not so gently my friends. get this out of the box! Look at how dandi that looks. Here’s the product up close and personal that is so pretty looking I feel like I am in a art gallery.

There’s a pod inside pre-installed already, the pod pre-installed is 0.8 ohms and is 2 milliliters and on the side is where you fill it, nice little filling slot. The pod looks much bigger than 2 ML. It’s cool, has plastic on the bottom of the coil.

Just have to remove, oh yeah! Alright comes with a beautiful-looking braided cable and does come with another pod which is 1.2 ohms. So now we got the comparison of these two bad boys. The vaporesso xtra and the caliburn koko.

Caliburn koko has a 1.2 ohm coil, 2 ML pod and 520 milliamps of battery very very great device very reliable the pull is beautiful and I love it! The vaporesso xtra has a 2 ML pod, 1.2 ohm coil as well as a 0.

8 ohm coil that comes with the device and has nine hundred milliamps of battery. So that’s a big jump in battery power and how long the battery lasts. So this you know kind of wins in that category but we do have to test up the clouds and flavor of these two vapes.

This is a little heavier than the koko and the koko is a little bit more square but doesn’t mean this is not a badass so we’re gonna try this out. Does have a power button on the bottom if you press this it’ll turn on the LED is actually on the side here, so when I press it pop it will show me the battery of the device you press it five times to turn it on and you’re good to go.

What is that, pod is full going to let that saturate a little bit gonna pop it back in the device and we’re good to go this one’s ready while we wait for that to saturate we are going to dosome Caliburn koko clouds.

Let’s see how the flavor is we are the exact same flavor in the xtra and see how good the clouds are and compare that right after this. Let’s try this, look at this freakin squirrel outside. Get out of my lawn! Test it out right now! oh yeah Calibrun koko is draw activated and so is the vaporesso xtra so they are both draw are activated very very similar devices.

The caliburn koko goes around twenty-five to thirty dollars depending on where you get it and the xtra is also around that range probably like 30 to 40 because it is a newer device maybe 40 but they’re both great devices we’re gonna obviously test out the clouds and flavor in a sec.

While I let the vape saturate I’m gonna do something different. Going to announce the winner for the rio pods which I did it at a video about three weeks ago and announce the winner right now and the winner is Noah Burns congratulations I will contact you soon in the comments on this video, Congratulations on winning these three disposables! Great answer and again while we wait I’m also gonna do another contest for the fliq disposable vape device, that you can literally vape and toss it out once you’re done with it for one lucky winner and the only way to enter the contest is to like this video comment down below the question for this week and subscribe Fumb Duck’s channel! So the question you have to answer in the comments is how often can you go without vaping? I know quarantine is happening right now it’s hard to get your hands on devices and juices.

I know for me it’s pretty pretty quick it’s probably like you know I don’t have a vape in like four hours oh shit I am dying! And like let me know in the comments down below how long you can go without vaping.

Alright this vape is saturated we are gonna try this out right now. Let’s try out the clouds and flavor gentlemen and ladies, oh yeah! Usually with new coils I cough right away the hit is just like ten times as strong I don’t know why.

But the flavor watermelon apple in this pod and it’s so juicy I feel like I’m literally taking a watermelon and an apple and smashing them together and having them in a vape juice I absolutely love it the clouds are great I only made for a couple seconds let’s try it again.

Oh yeah, it’s nice and quick I have a head rush and I’m gonna faint. Okay I’m good I’m just joking. Alight it’s time to max this baby out let’s test the limits of the vaporesso xtra. I’m gonna vape this as long as I can I’m gonna cough, it’s gonna hurt, this is for your enjoyment let’s try this out right now and test the limits of the vaporesso xtra! Thank you my ducklings for tuning in to this week’s video I hope everyone’s safe in quarantine washing their hands, staying with their loved ones and not being outside because not the best thing to do right now stay safe out there my people I love you guys, without you guys I have nothing if you want more vape reviews vape unboxings and to stay up to date to the latest vape information subscribe down below to Fumb Duck’s Channel and hit that Bell notification for the latest updates on my video which are usually Fridays at 3 p.

m. Eastern Time! If you missed the contest for this week it’s in the middle of the video so I hope you didn’t skip at the end of my video just for the contest, watch my video please because I do this for your entertainment and your knowledge and education! So on that note Fumb, Duck, outtttt! Fumb duck on the track I’m here to celebrate because I did something great yeah okay so all of you I’ve got a bunch of you


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