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VOOPOO Drag Box Mod Vape Review ~ Resin Edition | Product Spotlight

VOOPOO Drag Box Mod Vape Review ~ Resin Edition | Product Spotlight

Hey, what’s up YouTube and welcome up to another great product spotlight video from Mt Baker Vapor. And today we’re gonna Have a close-up look at something that a lot of you may be familiar with but it is new here at Mt Baker Vapor.

Either way you’re going to be excited to see it because if you know it, you love it and you want to get everyone else on board. What am I talking about? I am talking about the Voopoo Drag! 157 W temp control dual battery mod.

Something that is a must-have for any vapor looking for a device like this. Let’s go ahead dive down like we always do and take a closer look and unbox it. Alright YouTube and as promised there it is.

Right in its packaging, the Voopoo Drag mod. Got this very solid packaging. You know, like it kind of a fancy looking little package. Almost got like this snakeskin texture to it. Feels really good, very durable.

Love the raised letters and I mean these are all very like small things. It’s all aesthetic but I mean the first time I saw this box, saw the size, saw that it wasn’t some fancy kit or anything like that.

I’ve got to say it intrigued me, you know. I love the gold lettering and all of that and it’s just a solid box. Especially when I bought mine I bought mine for like I don’t know like 70 bucks and from everything I’d read about it I was expecting this thing to cost a lot more money.

So when I got it for like $70 at roughly, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot and that’s not a dog on Voopoo. It was just I never heard of them before really and man I was really pleasantly surprised.

Let’s go ahead and open it up and see what is inside that has me so excited. In here we have the rainbow resin edition and the ones we carry here at Mt Baker Vapor are going to be black. So they’re going to have that black frame, black chassis.

Very big lettering on the side “DRAG” and I really love this black color. I’ve seen them in stainless. I’ve seen them in gold and I’m sure there’s a few other colors flowing around here. But so far, especially with that rainbow panel I gotta tell you I’m really digging this black color.

Definitely, definitely a good-looking mod. And I mean it’s just like a solid aluminum or stainless construction here. It feels really good in the hand. If you have small hands it might be a little big, but for someone with big gorilla hands or someone who doesn’t mind a box mod It’s gonna be perfect.

And it’s just very simple, very straightforward. This is something we’ve seen before. Like I said in the Voopoo Too video that we did, this reminded me a lot once I started using it of the Sigelei 150 box that I had.

Just a simple black box with a nice little edge on it. Three button operation and the user interface also reminds me of that. And this Gene chip man, wow! Awesome chip, very intuitive. Very good chip.

I mean I can’t say enough good things about it. You know, a lot of you might already have a Drag mod, but if you don’t and this is your first time you know, checking it out you’re gonna want to pay close attention.

Cause this is something you’re gonna want to pick up when we’re done here. So we get the mod inside and here we’ve got the black resin rainbow. Underneath, USB charging cable. This does have pass-through charging.

You can charge your batteries in there. And then your typical stuff. Gene chip advertisement. Can’t say enough good things about the gene chip. Warranty card and a user manual. Very, very, very straightforward stuff.

So if you’re in the market for a box mod you’re already familiar with this sort of device. I mean and if you don’t have one of these this is something that you’re gonna want to get, definitely. Definitely a good investment.

So what we’re gonna go ahead and do we’re gonna go ahead and throw some batteries in it and we’re gonna run through the modes. Simple operation of on and off. And it’s got this full-size magnetic battery door here on the side.

Like I said, just very, very easy to use. Man I love these battery sleds they’re very high quality. They don’t feel cheap at all. Some where you really gotta fight to get your batteries in there. These contacts right here.

Those push in, so you just press up. Plus is positive, minus is negative. So here we’re gonna have the negative lead going up And you always want to make sure this is underneath. That way we get our batteries back out.

Positive going up on this side and then this just pops right back on. It’s as simple as that. Boom! Nice strong magnets. You know some people were saying they’re getting a little rattle on the door. I mean you know you sit here you do that that’s gonna happen.

So, that may be a pro or a con to you. I don’t know, but this is a solid feeling mod. You can see that automatically, it powers up when you insert the batteries and right now we are reading at 8 watts.

So it fires from 8 watts to 157 watts and it is temp control. So there are temp control modes on here. Three clicks; stainless steel, temp, nickel temp, titanium and back to wattage. To lock it, you’re gonna want to press the up and the fire button and that locks your mod.

It says locked right there and like I said very simple user interface. So this is a dual battery mod and unfortunately we only have one battery readout screen. So like it’s little counter part the Voopoo Too where it has two battery readouts.

You know I really dig that but this battery life indicator has been very accurate for me. So that’s, that’s a small thing. Not a huge deal. We’ve got our voltage read out and our ohm readout right there as well.

It’s very, very straightforward, which is something that I really love about this device. I can’t stress that enough! Performs wonderfully and you know you don’t have to have like a degree in electrical theory to figure this thing out.

So that’s always really nice! Here if we hold these two down, just like that. Now you’re gonna go into this other menu. We have five memory settings, a wattage setting, wattage and voltage setting to change those and then we also have firmware updates, and then we have one here for memory modes as well.

Oh see that takes me and that’s just a voltage readout right there. So you can use it based on the voltage and if you have that knowledge. If you understand batteries enough where you can Tell it what voltage you want your battery to run at and you can do that safely, then by all means but that’s not something I get a recommend for everybody or anybody.

But if you feel comfortable, you do have that option available to you. So let’s get back into our menu. Click those two. Come on. There we go. You know what that actually was in voltage mode. That’s my mistake I apologize.

That was actually the version, that was the version of the software. So this is upgradable like I said. Let’s go to wattage mode and click on that. Now that we’ve got that up and running we’re gonna want to throw a tank on there and one of the tanks that I’ve really been liking a lot lately, it’s the Fire Luke mash tank.

So if you haven’t checked that out, you can go to Mtbakervapor.com and check those out for yourself and this uses a mesh style coil and only holds 3 mls. But I gotta tell you the flavor I’m getting off of this thing is phenomenal.

No spit back. The coils wick very, very well and the way it heats up nice and evenly on that on that mesh style coil on that wire, that mesh wire is just fantastic and the coils are wicked perfectly. So they don’t get oversaturated.

I’m not getting any spit back. I get a nice vape! You’ll see I’ll show you we’ll go ahead and vape on it. We’re gonna go ahead and select new coil which is up and these coils are gonna be running around, I run it around 65.

Oh, but we’re locked so let’s unlock it. And see it automatically detects it. That’s what I love about this chip. It’s so great! It almost reminds me of something like a Snow Wolf. Like my Snow Wolf 200 watt box that I had year and a half, 2 years ago would do that.

It would put me at the exact right temperature. And I don’t have to worry about this. I trust this thing. You always want to be safe. You always want to make sure that you’re within the allotted coil wattage range.

But 80 watts, I know for a fact that I have vape this tank at 80 watts. Typically I go 70 to 80 watts on this coil, but you are safe vaping this coil at 80 watts and It just set us right up there. Very easy to use! That’s about all there is to it.

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna head back up, we’re gonna vape on it and talk about it. Alright, there it is. So I’ve got the Voopoo Drag 157 watt temp control mod with this rainbow resin panel and the lovely engraving with Drag on the side here.

You know just a very simple box mod but it performs wonderfully and on top I’ve got the Fire Luke mesh tank. We’ve got it set at 80 watts. Didn’t even have to set that, the gene chip recognized that that’s where this coil runs optimally at and like I said before you’re always gonna want to make sure you’re within your ranges.

But I’ve never had any problems with this, but just to be safe you know. But I know for a fact that I vape this at 80 watts, like I’ve said before. So now we’re gonna go ahead and vape on it. We’re gonna see how this thing hits on top of this box mod.

That’s a couple seconds vaping right there. That’s like two, three seconds max. Fires Instantly and that’s that gene chip in there. Like there is no delay on this. As soon as I hit that button I’m getting vapor.

And I mean just to prove a point we’ll go ahead and change it over. So that’s the Fire Luke Mesh Tank sitting there, 80 watts and we’ll go ahead and take that off. We’ve got a product that some of you may be familiar with.

We have got the Voopoo Too here with the U FORCE tank and you know a great tank here. I got a gotta love this tank and I’m sure a lot of you have had a chance to use it and you feel the same way. So we’re gonna throw the U FORCE tank on top of the Voopoo Drag.

So it just screws on there nice and easy and I love the connection on that 510 pin. I mean in this 20 fill four millimeter these tanks, they fit on there perfectly. Anything more than that you’re probably gonna get a little bit of overhang.

But I mean you can see how great that looks. Especially the black on black with that red accent, it looks really good. So, now it’s asking me is this a new coil and up, yes. Sets me at 40 watts. Now that’s the minimum for this coil.

So 40 watts minimum, I mean we know that, we can hit it there, but we like 60 watts on this. So let’s go ahead and hit it up to sixty. Same thing and you can really feel the vapor is not forced like immediately.

I am getting what I need from this tank. I’m getting that vapor. I’m getting that flavor and lots of it. You can see the cloud coming out of this. I mean and that’s to me the tank working in conjunction with this mod And you could see it with the Fire Luke tank.

No frills. Looks beautiful! Durable, you can drop this thing. It’s like a little brick, but it’s still fits good in your hand. I mean if you don’t have one, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t know why you don’t have one, but you know where to get one, Mtbakervapor.com and you’re gonna want to do that because who can say how long this stuff lasts. Especially how popular they still are.

This thing has longevity! This is something that people will talk about for years, the Drag mod. Everyone will reminisce about their Drag mod. You know and I hope VooPoo around for a long time to come and we keep seeing more great stuff from them.

As usual, you know where to find us Mtbakervapor.com. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, if you’re not on there you should be. Make sure to follow us on YouTube and check out more product spotlight videos because we’ve got a lot of good ones coming your way.

Thanks for joining us!


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