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VOOPOO TOO Box Mod + Vape Review (How to Vape) | Product Spotlight

VOOPOO TOO Box Mod + Vape Review (How to Vape) | Product Spotlight

Hey, what’s up guys and gals and welcome to another great product spotlight video brought to you by Mt Baker Vapor! And today, I got a special look at something that just came across my desk recently. For those of you out there looking for a great dual battery or a single battery mod that comes in a full kit, you’re gonna want to check out this VooPoo Too.

So what we’re gonna do today is as usual we’re gonna dive down, unbox it, take a look at it and see what it’s all about. Alright and as promised there it is, the VooPoo Too kit. This is a temp control kit from VooPoo.

Some of you may be familiar with brand name VooPoo. They got a lot of good stuff out there right now. They’re probably most famous in my opinion for the VooPoo Drag, which is an awesome mod. If you haven’t checked that out definitely check that out and let’s go ahead and unbox it.

You can see it comes in a really nice package. Really colorful little presentation here on the front. Awesome, pretty standard stuff and it looks like the color we have here today is what VooPoo is referring to as resin.

And we’ve got this sleeve that just slides right off. And inside we’ve got you know standard black box. Pretty typical for most of the mods you’ll see. But it is very nice to always have that really great packaging and ensures you’re gonna get you know, undamaged product, and it just looks nice.

Here we have something supporting the gene chip. Now the gene chip in my opinion is probably one of the best chips I’ve come across in these mods. These regulated mods these days. Really great, very intuitive.

Does all sorts of good stuff. Super accurate. You know, I love the way it is with my all my devices that I use, like my tanks and whatnot on there. We got a typical warranty card as well. Also an instruction manual, which is specifically for the U Force.

So this is a kit, it’s going to be the VooPoo Too dual battery, single battery mod. That’s right you can either run it in dual or single battery mode. But that comes with the U Force kit, which is a tank from VooPoo and I gotta tell you I’ve been very impressed.

I wasn’t aware that they were really known for making tanks, but here’s the instruction manual. Tells you how to assemble it. How to take the glass. We’ll go over all that but if you want to give that a quick read you know never hurts to be fully informed on what you’re doing with your device.

here we have “Too Change for you” and It really seems like VooPoo’s got this thing with rhyming and we’ll just run with that. And this is a full instruction manual on everything this mod has to offer.

So everything from changing modes to different kinds of modes it has, the wire support that it supports as far as temp control, all that good stuff. But we will cover a lot of that, but give that a read.

Safety is of the utmost importance. We just want to stress that here at Mt Baker Vapor! And inside, what we’ve all been waiting for. So wrapped in this nice plastic sleeve, I assume to protect the decorative panels that come on here is the VooPoo Too mod itself.

And this is that raisin color that we were talking about and it’s it’s really cool. I’m really a fan of these finishes. These panels feel good. You know they don’t feel like cheap stickers. Not really sure what they’re made out of but you got to love that design and this one is smooth.

My own personal one here I’ve noticed this is the turquoise and this has a texture to it and I do like that nice a grippy texture. It’s kind of got a snakeskin feel and you know I’ve really been a fan of that.

Now what you’re going to notice about this device, a little bit different than something you might have seen before is like we said it is dual or single battery. These panels slide open just like that and you can insert either one battery or you can flip it around and insert another battery.

Now when I first got this device I was expecting it to have two separate battery sleds to accommodate the two different battery you know ways you can run the batteries in there, but it doesn’t. So if you want to use it in single battery you just pop one in either side.

If you want to use it in dual battery pop one in this side and then flip it around and pop it in this side. You don’t need to take the panel off. It’s not hiding an additional slot for a battery back here.

It’s either one on one side or one on both sides. You know that is that is really cool. I mean I I kind of do like these panels. I was worried that they were I was gonna have problems with them as far as like a lot of movement when I grabbed it and that really hasn’t been the case.

You will notice some slight movement when you’re holding it, but for the most part it stays pretty steady. And I got to say I really love this. It’s not necessarily a center-mounted 510 pin but this gold-plated 510 pin here.

Right here that you can see how they’ve made it really wide at this gap and I want to say that’s about a 30 millimeter gap there. You could fit a 30 millimeter atty on here if you wanted to and you’d have no overhang.

So just a look of it the feel of it has been great. It’s very simple to use. One of the things I love about VooPoo is it’s just their stuff looks good, it functions well and like it’s no frills. A lot of this stuff reminds me of the first Sigelei boxes that came out.

Like the Sigelei 150 box, just very straightforward, very durable and you know I mean what’s not to love about that. In single battery mode this will run anywhere from 5 to 80 watts and in dual battery mode it will run from 5 to a 187 watts I believe.

So that’s the mod there. Nice little raisin color and underneath we’ve got the rest of the kit. So inside, we have the U Force tank and this is a 4ml tank. It’s a good sized tank from my experience. It’s not a juice guzzler, very solid looking tank.

I love these o-rings. I love the color and you know the style and you’re gonna get the same tank no matter what you get. So if you get the turquoise one you’re gonna get the red bands raisin, red band.

It’s the standard U Force tank. But it is a really solid tank and I love this conical shape how it comes up to the top. I really feel that helps with you know the flavor and the way the vapor like makes it way up and into your mouth.

It’s very easy to vape on. Even with this 510 connection here for the drip tips, you’re not getting too much vape. I mean that’s a that’s a big beefy drip tip there. So for someone that may not be used to sub ohming or may not be used to a direct to lung tank you might find that a little daunting.

But the coils that they provide are perfect. The tank just works very well. Down here at the bottom we have three airflow slots, all adjustable and the airflow you can really dial this in. When I first saw the airflow I thought three airflow slots is going to be way too much for this tank.

You know there’s a lot of airy devices out there but you can really dial this in and you can get that vapor you’re looking for. It’s not too overwhelming. It’s very flavorful, but it’s not over the top.

I’ve had some devices where I’m getting too much flavor and I’m thinking man I didn’t know my juice tasted like that. But this is just a really nice even balanced vape, very enjoyable. Warm, not too hot.

I have noticed that if you’re not using this constantly and you come back to the device, you’re gonna want to run it on a higher side. The coils included are 0.4 ohm coils and they are rated 40 to 80 watts for best usage and I typically run mine around 75.

It’s where I kind of live at. I like the flavor there and I noticed that my coils don’t become oversaturated. I get a nice warm vape without any spit back. If I ran them on the lower side, which I did around 45 to 50 Watts when I first got it I was noticing some spit back.

So keep that in mind when you use it. It does come with two of the 0.4 ohm coils. They are clearly labeled with the best wattage ranges right there in the coil, very easy to see. And also very similar to the valerian tank it has a mainline on there.

So it tells you where you want your juice to be at all the time. Never want it below that line you don’t want to burn your coils out. So, for maximum performance on this device keep it above the line.

Very simple. Very straightforward. Very easy to use and you can see it just screws right on here. And I believe the U Force measures 24 millimeters at its base and you can see that we still got room on the side.

So like I said, you should have no problem fitting a 30 millimeter atomizer or tank here on the top. Inside, VooPoo has actually given us a really nice kit. So a lot of us have seen you know like SMOK and Innokin products and they do a great job of giving you a lot of extras in here.

VooPoo is just following that lead and they are providing a quality product with everything you need. So we’ve got replacement glass. We’ve got a USB charger, which you can use through the front port here, and that will charge your batteries in there.

And it does a really great job. I’m getting on a dual battery charge, full charge in about two and a half hours. And I will show you the battery life indicators, which will also indicate what your charge level is at.

And it has pass through. So you can charge your battery. Say you’re in your car you’ve got a long USB cable, you can be charging this and you can be vaping on it, which is always great. We also have extra o rings and here we have some orange O rings.

Replacement O rings for your tank and your extra 0.4 ohm coil. So lots of good stuff in there. VooPoo seems to, VooPoo seems to be putting out some really great stuff. And like I said, it’s been very, very enjoyable.

So we’re gonna go ahead and set this up now and throw some batteries in it and I will show you guys what that looks like. Clear some of my garbage out of the way. So this is my personal device. We’re just going to take the batteries out of here.

Nice and easy! And I’m gonna have to take the panel off because I didn’t insert my battery properly. So you’re always gonna want to make sure that these uh… these little tags in the battery chamber are underneath the battery wrapping over, that way you can easily access it.

Otherwise you run into problems like this, but that’s easy enough. I’ll show you how to take this panel off right here and you’re gonna want to pull and lift. And you’ll see that there’s little notches.

This might be hard for you to see but there’s a little notch in this panel. So you’re going to want to set this over the pin and then slide it back. So now that we’ve got that off you can see the tag I’m talking about.

I didn’t really put it in there and we’ll just pull that out. Nice and easy. And to put the panel’s back on We just locate those pins, which were are going to be on the farther side of the panel. And you just set it on top.

Clicks right in. Slide it over. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Usually I have my Ohm tech batteries. I have them on my charger right now, so we’re using something different today. We do not sell these at Mt Baker Vapor.

And you’ll see inside the battery sled once you slide the battery door open. It’s going to be plus or minus right here. Plus or minus, positive and negative So you’re gonna want the top of your battery, the button top facing down here and like I said make sure to give yourself that slack.

Nice! Button contact there in the battery sled so it just pushes right in. I don’t have to force the batteries in and now that’s easy for me to get to. I can pop that out. I close it up. Like I said, if i’m running single battery mode I can run anywhere from 5 to 80 watts and 80 watts is plenty to push these coils.

But for those of you who would like to run a little higher I believe they also make other coils for the U Force right now, but this is the one coil that they come with. So, here we have the other side positive, negative and we’re gonna pop it up top, push it in.

Battery just slides right in and just closes up just like that. And as soon as it pops up it tells you What chip you’re using, the gene chip. And it asks us is this a new coil? So the gene chip always recognizes whether or not it’s a new coil, if you’ve changed your atomizer of your tank and we say yes.

And you’ve got this really basic, but it’s bright, very detailed user interface here and it tells you everything you need to know. You got your battery life indicators and I love that they do both batteries.

Sometimes you get dual battery devices and it only has one battery readout. I’m not such a fan of that because I feel it’s not very accurate, but I have found that this device measures my battery life very accurately.

When you’re charging it those will actually pulse once you’re plugged into your USB and it’ll show you exactly how much the charging has progressed. Shows us the wattage, it shows us the ohm rating and it shows us the voltage there as well.

And they’re down here at the bottom it tells you the duration of your vape. So how long you’ve had that button pressed so that you could take a little puff on that. Easy to set the batteries up. I’m gonna go ahead and prime up this tank and we’re gonna throw some juice in it.

So what you’re gonna want to do, just unscrews at the base. Very simple, very traditional, easy to use. No tricks here. Very, very short chimeny there at the top and the threads are very, very smooth.

I haven’t had any cross threading or anything like that. You can see these nice O rings here. Just seals off the tank nice and tight. Very easy to take apart. I’ve taken my apart and cleaned it a couple of times and I love the way they have built these threads on to the coil.

It makes it super easy just to push it in and screw it on. It grips it very well. You know there’s not any fiddling around trying to get the chimney to sit inside the coil and then trying to get it to screw on.

It’s something a little different that I haven’t seen before and just thought it was worth pointing out. So what we’re gonna want to do is we’re gonna want to prime that coil. For those of you that don’t know that’s usually the best practice.

Especially on larger tanks like this with larger coils, with lots of cotton. You’re gonna want to make sure you have some moisture in there and today we got some strawberry. For whatever reason I’ve been on the strawberry kick lately and maybe it’s because it’s heating up here in AZ and it’s very refreshing.

You know if you haven’t checked it out, Mt Baker Vapor makes a really spot-on Strawberry. So what I typically do is keep my nozzle right on top of the cotton. Lightly squeeze and scroll it around and that gives me a good prime on the coil there.

A few drops on the outside. We want to make sure there is juice in this cotton because you know you don’t want to fire it and burn up your cotton. Because then you’ve got a ruined coil and it’s just gonna ruin your experience and you’re not gonna want to vape on it anymore and that would be a shame because this is actually a really great tank.

So you just screw that back on. Nice and easy. See, looks like we’ve actually run into a small problem here. It looks like I pushed the o ring in. So here’s what I’m gonna do. So a lot of times when you first get these what’s gonna happen is this is going to be stuck to the glass.

But that’s not necessarily where it needs to be. So if this happens to you and your o ring comes undone, down here there is a ridge and right there your o ring just fits perfectly into that and that’s all we’re trying to do.

Trying to make sure there’s a proper seel on this tank that way we don’t get any leakage or anything. Got a little juice on my hands but I think that’s just because I got a little overexcited when I was priming the coil.

So that fixed that. See and it just seats right into that ridge. Gonna get a nice good seel on the tank and then we’re just gonna pop it right on here. Screws on nice and easy! You know sometimes with on larger boxes like this you get a lot of resistance on that 510 pin and sometimes you’ll end up with a gap, no gap there.

Like I said, that the threads are super smooth. Now we’re gonna fill it up with some of our Strawberry e juice. It’s got a slide to fill top fill there. Now you can see that they’ve only got the one hole and originally when I saw that I thought it looked kind of small.

Wasn’t such a fan, but no vapor lock so far. So I’ve had no problems filling this. That hole is actually a lot bigger than you would think it is. It doesn’t look that way and I know some people they want you know multiple fill ports on top, which really isn’t feasible with this top sliding to design but you know it’s got this really nice ring here on this.

Really great! Really great! So we’re just gonna pour some of our Strawberry E liquid in there. See the nozzle tip fits in perfectly and look at that nice and easy to fill and that’s a large nozzle top.

I still have plenty of space over here, which allows the air to escape, which makes sure I’m not getting that bubbling and making a mess. Just a real pleasure to use. Nice and easy to use, I can’t stress that enough.

So for those of you maybe that are stuck mouth to lunging or on a smaller device and you want to look at a larger device, this might be for you. You might really enjoy this. I mean very, very, very straightforward.

Very easy to use. Very user-friendly and a great experience with lots of flavor without being way up there in the wattages, which sometimes you find on these sub ohm tanks these days. It seemed to be a trend but I’m finding a lot of people are making coils and devices that can be run in a normal wattage range where normal people are going to want to vape and you get great flavor and vapor production.

So now that we’ve got that filled up take a little look through the menu, so we can press the fire button. So if you click twice, that’s going to take you, three times, I’m sorry click it three times then I’ll take you through the basic settings.

So there we got stainless steel. See what I mean, I knew it was gonna fire. Nickel, titanium and wattage. Ooh I can smell that Strawberry, that smells nice. Now in order to get into the more in depth menu here you would press the up button and the power button at the same time.

Actually that’s going to lock it. So up and power at the same time locks it. Doing the same thing will unlock the device. Now pressing these two buttons together is actually going to take you into the menu and in there It’s gonna give you wattage.

There are five memory settings. There is a soft mode. So if you click on soft mode what I found was I thought they were gonna be like soft, medium and hard say like the Alien kit was. But all this does is this kind of like tapers it back so you’re not getting such a forceful vape.

It’s gonna be a little on the gentler side, but if you click that you can see on your screen you’re now in soft mode and that’s going to be above the W for wattage. I couldn’t figure out how to change that.

So finally what I did was I went back in and all you got to do is click on wattage. Right there, once you select that you click your fire button and now it’s gone and it’s as simple as that. Let’s click through the menu again.

I’m sorry if you’re having trouble seeing. So over here we’ve got the soft mode, and then we have some other modes here that customize your temp control settings as well. And there is also a firmware update there.

So this is version. So if you read the instruction manual you can use this USB port to do a firmware update, which is always a plus and it’s very, very simple. So now that we’re back in wattage mode we’re gonna go ahead and crank it up and we’re gonna crank it up to about 60 so I can show you what it performs like at 60.

Buttons are very responsive. One of the things I love about these is it scrolls through with no problem. I mean you you’re able to get to that desired wattage or temperature whatever the case may be very easily.

Great! I can’t say enough about the gene chip and that’s really all there is to the device. So let’s do what we usually do let’s head back up, vape on it and talk about it. Alright and there it is all ready to go.

Ready to vape on. Got my strawberry e liquid loaded up inside and you know the more I the more I spend some time with this raisin color I really say I’m really kind of digging this whole pattern that they got going on there.

I’m not really sure how we came up with the name raisin for this type of design. But you know I’m digging it, and it is a little different than my turquoise one. Like I said very smooth but it feels nice in the hand.

Definitely feels good! Like I said you know when you grab it a lot of people were worried about oh my battery doors are gonna be sliding all over the place but that’s not really the case. I mean and it’s actually kind of fun to like sit here and play with your battery door.

So that’s just me. I mean it may be a pro, it may be a con to you. I don’t know. But all in all this is a great device. So like I said 60 watts. Coils bestfriend 40 to 80 watts and that’s where I started.

Airflow is wide open, triple bottom airflow there. Let’s go ahead and vape on it and see what it’s like. So all the way open and it is a little noisy, but it’s not normally like that. But it wasn’t too much airflow.

I didn’t feel like I was sucking through a sponge. You know it wasn’t tight, but it wasn’t where I couldn’t get any vape because the air flows so wide open. I’m just getting air and the vape is very thin.

Let’s go ahead and close it off to about halfway at 60 watts. And to me yeah, that’s the spot right there. Halfway open on that airflow at 60 watts. That’s not even a warm vape. That’s a nice cool vape, but very, very flavorful.

Very, very dense and I am using that strawberry. So great notes on the strawberry. Very sweet, very subtle but like I said a very refreshing flavor. If you haven’t had it you gotta try it. You’re gonna love it! I know it! I personally guarantee it! Let’s bump it up a little bit.

So where I’m living at right now is 75 watts. Let’s go to 75 watts and me personally I do enjoy a little bit tighter airflow because in my opinion that seems to be where I get the best flavor at. And you know I don’t If you love to chuck clouds you’re gonna chuck clouds all day with this thing.

And if that’s your thing go wide bore, wide open and chuck them clouds! But I’m gonna go ahead and go down to about a quarter air flow. 75 watts. To me that’s full. That I can really feel it in my throat.

It’s nice and warm. It’s not hot it’s not overwhelming and to me that really brings out the flavor in this strawberry juice. Even with a quarter air flow, I could show ya. It’s about a quarter open on each and you know sometimes on tanks that you get that whistling sound or it’s very restrictive but this is not.

No noise. Very, very well designed air flow. I think you guys are really gonna like it. This 810 drip tip Delrin stays nice and cool. Just for kicks, let’s go ahead and bump it to 80. Let’s see if I can blow you guys a cloud here.

And that’s about a 3/4 of the way opened at 80 watts, which is the highest recommended wattage if I remember correctly. Forty to eighty watts. So that’s at the top end and let’s go ahead and give it a vape.

Whooh! Almost choked myself out a little bit! But it’s good. It’s good. So I feel like there’s something for everybody here. There’s definitely something for you! So if you haven’t gone to Mt Baker Vapor yet to pick yours up in one of four colors that we offer I don’t know what you’re waiting for cause these things are gonna fly off the shelf.

So make sure to do that. Go to Mtbakervapor.com, pick yourself up a bottle of Strawberry as well or one of our other great e juices. There’s plenty to choose from. Make sure to follow us on social media.

You know Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all that good stuff. And you can be sure more product spotlight videos are coming your way from Mt Baker Vapor! Thanks for joining us!


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