Home Product Reviews VOOPOO VINCI vs SMOK RPM40 Review and SMOK Giveaway

VOOPOO VINCI vs SMOK RPM40 Review and SMOK Giveaway

VOOPOO VINCI vs SMOK RPM40 Review and SMOK Giveaway

today, the Voopoo Vinci I have done my signature bull s**t. Hey what’s up my ducklings welcome back to my channel I am the vape reviewer. My name is fumb duck and thank you for tuning in to today’s video today we are featuring the Voopoo Vinci the newest and latest and vape, pod mod just like the RPM40 but I’m gonna do is obviously a unbox the Vinci brand-new I’m also to compare it to the smok rpm40 as they are very similar in size battery capacity and a lot of other things they both have certain kinds of chips smart device chips allow them to do certain different things so compare the two see which one’s better see which one has better pros which one has better cons we’re gonna start from there.

Before I unbox this monster if you want more vape reviews, more vape unboxings and to stay up to date to the latest vape information subscribe down below I promise you I will not be disappointed. If you want to check out the review for the smok rpm40 check that up right up here.

So the smok rpm40 has been treating me really well I’ve never had problems with it it’s great the pull is smooth it has an LED screen so does this we’re gonna see which one is better like I said. Okay so I’m gonna start to unbox the Voopoo Vinci, the Voopoo Vinci I believe does have 1500 milliamps of battery so does the smok rpm 40 which is good you want a bigger battery life with pod mods especially because they use much more voltage to output more vape, one really important feature I’ve noticed is that smoke rpm 40 pod is about 4.

3 to 4.5 milliliters size depending on what coils in the pod. The Voopoo Vinci has a whopping 5.5 milliliter pod that’s unbelievable I thought the smok rpm40 already had an amazing pod size but this seems like it’s destroying everything.

I opened up the box this what looks like inside at the warranty card got the device there the two pods on the left I do believe it comes with a 0.3 ohm coil and a 0.8 ohm coil. 0.8 will be better for Salt Nic and the 0.

3 ohm coil will be better for ejuice. Preferably 10 milligram or below, well obviously comes with the pod and the two coils and at the bottom we’ll probably have a charging cable. I’ve done my signature bull s**t and I’ve dropped the device watch it be broken so here’s the device as a 0.

97 inch LED screen which is right here here the buttons here’s the draw butter the designs very pretty looks bloody! Yeah we got the nice little cable box. I love opening up boxes! ooh fancy fancy right here Got silica gel, Oh make sure when you get silica gel you eat it oh I’ll do that right now now don’t eat this!! Please I beg you do not eat this! So in this box we got the gene chip logo which is the chip that’s used in the VooPoo Vinci if you didn’t know the smok rpm 40 uses an IQR chip which basically outputs your volts much faster so you can inahel quickly as soon as you press the button and it’ll charge faster the gene chip will detect when your coil is about to be burnt, it’s insane I can’t believe it has that that’s 1.

5 hours of charging time which is nice and then we got the warranty card we got the manual and then a secret code and I’m not gonna show up to anyone cuz I want to win something too you know and a one and only micro USB Universal charging cable for devices unlike the freakin juul, don’t buy a Juul.

Buy one of these it’s gonna be the same price these are $45 a Smok Rpm is $45 both amazing devices, both cheaper than a Juul, bigger pod size, bigger battery life. I could be like a freaking poet here some philosopher just talk about how good these products are like I said they are very similar you know they both have a button at the top they have the smaller buttons at the bottom the mouthpieces are kind of the same on the sides they both have designs definitely wouldn’t shoot one down over the other but this might also have some cooler things than the smok rpm40.

For you people like draw activation they really do I like it the smart rpm 40 unfortunately does not have that when you inhale you do have to press the button. The VooPoo Vinci you could decide if you want to use the button or you could decide if you want to just draw activate by pressing the button three times you’re able to activate draw activation or revert back to manual activation which is really sweet.

The side of the device has nice three air holes for good ventilation it’s gonna pop off the pod and see what that looks like looks a little different. So the coils in smok rpm 40 is already in I didn’t put the coil inside the VooPoo Vinci but they look similar this one’s a little bit bigger because it does hold more liquid which is the VooPoo Vinci.

We will look inside, so the VooPoo Vinci which is this one here has three connection ports in the middle and the smok rpm 40 has two which is kind of interesting that means you probably output more power with the VooPoo Vinci.

But what I’m gonna do is fill up the VooPoo Vinci pod but obviously see I’m gonna have to put a coil in so I’m gonna put the 0.8 ohm coil inside the pod a little closer and show you guys I’m just gonna put it in the coil let’s twist it around until it just slides in okay so I understand once it’s aligned a little like side piece there you could just flip and just like that so you can see the coil cotton inside there so once it’s aligned with that it’ll fit right in fill in slots around the side , similar to the smok rpm 40 for you just pull it out like that then fill it in there.

Come on! pod is full you can see the juices in there which is sweet I’m gonna toss this in here I’m gonna let the coil saturate a little bit so the smok rpm 40 it does not have a magnetically charged pods I mean when you put it in it won’t just like slide in you actually have to actually just push it in, the VooPoo Vinci you can just just literally sucks it we do this there’s no effort to put the actual pod in which people were complaining about for the smok rpm40.

Kind of unfortunate because smok is such a great brand they were the first real pod mod which I do appreciate and I love them for it’s still a wicked device. But the VooPoo Vinci seems like an upgrade of the smok rpm 40 which has extra features so what I am going to do is press this five times which is the typical turn on for one of these devices says VooPoo Vinci.

Cool has an intro screen shows you the time on your vape, that’s convenient as hell when you vape like what time is it check this out that’s sweet I like that. Let’s go over the features of the smok RPM 40 and the VooPoo Vincii on the actual screen.

Okay so you can see the wattage’s of both the wattage here for the RPM 40 and the wattage here it’s much bigger on the screen for the VooPoo Vinci I know it’s kind of dimmed down you can’t really see it in the VooPoo Vinci it’s like flashing for some reason.

I’m guessing the VooPoo Vinci does not use an LED screen just like smok rpm40 it kind of does but you can see it flickering which is kind of weird. Puffs and how long you puffed is also on the smok rpm 40 can see them both.

One here and then one there they both have that feature which is good, it shows the coil you have it at the bottom and the volts as so does the smok rpm 40 so the same thing here, shows the battery life at the top-right corner which is good as well they both go up to 40 watts which is nice I mean for a real pod mod you wouldn’t want to go any further that would just be over kill, destroy your battery, your coil and of course your throat, right you don’t want that and they both have features if you press power button and up on the VooPoo Vinci it’ll unlock the device so if you want to lock your wattage or lock power button you can do that by pressing the power button and up button this you could do the same thing but what you do is you press the power button three times and it’ll lock.

Unlock it you gotta press it three times says it’s unlocked. It’s kind of different the power button and down will reset your puffs I believe, yeah, so it resets your puffs which is good to set your puffs on this you gotta press power button and wattage down as well and I’ll change your puffs so I’m at zero puffs now the thing about the pod for the VooPoo Vinci does stick out a little because it is a massive pod both have micro USB charging ports at the bottom very nice.

Inhale you press it or you can press it three times and at the bottom now that I press it three times this is Auto right over there I get inhale without actually touching the power button so what I’m gonna do now I’m gonna compare the clouds for the smok rpm 40 and the VooPoo Vinci.

See which one’s better, which one has more flavor and then I’m gonna do my finale cough blow up and see how that goes as well I’m gonna try the VooPoo Vinci first let’s give it a shot so I’m gonna auto inhale and manuel inhale one thing I’ve noticed with the VooPoo Vinci is that when you try to auto inhale it does cut off when you’re inhaling you have to inhale pretty hard for it to activate it does kind of suck but it’s still kind of cool that you could do that I’m gonna try it again clouds are big, flavor is amazing and it pulls beautifully.

Smok rpm40 pulls beautifully too and they’re both like I said good devices would not shoot one or the other down so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try the manual inhale that’s interesting I also notice on the device you can also do auto and manual you have both of them on just like the Uwell caliburn which is kind of cool you have the button and the auto inhale.

I think it’s better to just keep one that way you know you don’t screw anything up. Doyyyy! That makes sense now we’re gonna try the smok rpm40 at forty watts and see the clouds and the flavor compared to the VooPoo Vinci still has great flavor it still has great clouds I love this device smok rpm40 is excellent.

VooPoo Vinci is excellent both very very similar in price forty five to fifty bucks depending on where you get it excellent devices and I highly recommend both of them which one would I say is better I would have to say the VooPoo Vinci is better for results and stats and the way you could puff the device the pod size battery milliamps is the same but this one kind of prevails and everything else I like the screen on the actual rpm 40 because you can change the colors on the screen you can’t really do that with the Vinci, again pros and cons of both so you could decide which one you want.

But moral of the story is they are pod systems they’re refillable and you’re gonna save more money compared to other devices like the Juul. So I would highly suggest getting any of these devices what I’m gonna do cuz I know you guys love it I’m gonna max out theVooPoo Vinci and inhales long as I can and see if I could handle all the vape.

Give it a shot! thank you my ducklings for tuning into my channel once again thank you to my new viewers and subscribers for tuning in to this week’s VooPoo Vinci vs Smok RPM40 review. Before I end this video i’m gonna announce two weeks ago contest for the vype! Vype is an excellent device i highly recommend it to everyone if you want something cheap that you could buy at a gas station it’s great device it was very reliable for me and the winner for the vype epod pro is Michael Fichtenbaum did I say that correctly Michael Michelle Michael fiction bomb I’m sorry if I pronounced that incorrectly but hey I’m trying my best congratulations on the win I will contact you soon about the vype epod pro.

But wait wait wait don’t you leave yeah I got another contest for my beautiful ducklings today we will be giving away the smok SLM it’s a beautiful sleek slim smok device. Remember the goal here is to quit smoking the only way to win the smok SLM is to like subscribe down below and comment this week’s question.

This week’s question is what do you think the future of vaping holds for us? So what I say is rapes are going to be super intelligent and they’re gonna have a mind of their own you gotta be able to check like GPS and you’ll be able to play games on your vape and all that kind of cool stuff so what does the future hold for vaping devices? Comment down below and I’m gonna check that at a couple weeks and then announce the winners.

Thank you guys once again for tuning in to my channel and if you want more vape reviews, vape unboxings and to stay up-to-date to the hippest and latest vape information subscribe down below to my channel I promise y’all not regret it on that note! fumb duck outttt!!! fumb duck on the track with a little rap I’m here to celebrate cuz I did something great yeah okay so all of you I’ve got a bunch of you


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