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What kind of flavor is RY4? (Tobacco Eliquid & DIY RY-4 Flavor)

What kind of flavor is RY4?  (Tobacco Eliquid & DIY RY-4 Flavor)

Welcome I’m John and today’s video is about the RY4 flavor which is one of the most popular tobacco flavors in vaping.. Originally known as Ryan4 , Chances are you have seen a premade commercial eliquid based on the RY4 flavor or maybe you have seen it as a concentrate for DIY.

So why is this flavor everywhere? In short the answer is its profile. The recipe for RY4 is very simple, its caramel, vanilla and mild tobacco. This combination makes it a sweet smooth flavor with a light tobacco taste that vapes very nicely.

Depending the company that you get it from sometimes there might be more bold tobacco flavor than others but usually it is kept at a minimum. Having this light sweet taste makes RY4 a good choice for tobacco juice creators.

Especially if you are starting out with vaping or DIY. It’s a tobacco that is very versatile, you can mix it at low ratios for a light vape or use more to add some extra throat hit to the recipe, Also its more forgiving than other tobaccos, if you want to make juice with high nicotine , or if you like to use a lot of sweeteners in your recipes then RY4 will be able to work well almost in every scenario and it will need minimal adjusting to create the flavor intended.

Now there some very well known RY4 variants. Both in commercial and concentrate form. From the premade juices the Carny4 from G2 flavors comes to my mind first and the Dekang RY4 being very good tobacco ejuice also, last I can also think of the RY4 from MT.

Baker which is also one of the most popular RY4 too. For DIY there are many options too, this is a flavor that almost every company has tried to create their own version at one time or another. With notably the flavor apprentice coming on top with their incredible RY4 double but also the Flavourart alternative is a very good and balanced tobacco too.

Inawera has a similar flavor called RY4 which is also worth trying if you like this type of flavor, it’s a little harder to find it but it’s definitely a nice approach. In general Ill say that RY4 is equally good to be used as primary flavor as is it to be used as a supplemental tobacco.

You can blend it with other dark or bold tobaccos to lighten them up without diluting the tobacco flavor too much and bring lighter tones to the mix. It is a very nice tobacco flavor and I should say that its popularity is well deserved.

Once you find the version that tastes best to you it should become a staple tobacco flavor in your collection. If you already making mixes with RY4 let me know how you like to use it and which one you find best.

If you like a review just of RY4 Double from TFa here is a link to the video. As always thank you for watching and Ill see you next time.


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