Home Product Reviews What’s your Flavour? – October 2015 – VapeClubMy E-Liquid Review

What’s your Flavour? – October 2015 – VapeClubMy E-Liquid Review

What’s your Flavour? – October 2015 – VapeClubMy E-Liquid Review

What we do is we provide a vape juice subscription service. Its great to discover new juices. So, how this works is that subscribers get a box of 4 different flavours. selected according to a flavour profile survey that they will be doing when they sign up.

We also deliver to their doorstep every single month. Free shipping aswell. So we’re gonna review some of the juices that we carry, and were gonna do this monthly. This month were gonna pick a random box and then lets see what we have inside.

The first flavour is Kosa Nostra Highland Butterscotch. Sounds creamy and really rich. We have Matt Cool. Can’t tell what it is but it looks green I guess. So it’s a green flavor? What the **** does a green flavor mean? I don’t know, but we’ll find out.

The third one Hypnotic Blitz, it’s kind of like a root beer variant, I heard it is not that cold, unlike Dr. Brew, Lastly, we have Big Bully and the flavour’s name is Bapak Kau Biru. This juice is also brewed by Creamy Suckerz brewer.

So, we’re really excited to try this one. Right, so, were gonna be taking the kosa rostra highland butterscotch. So, we’re gonna be vaping the Kosa Nostra Highland Butterscotch Can i go now? Mmmm what do you think about the flavour? Its good, its pretty creamy, but not overly so.

It has a very nice buttery aftertaste. Ok, so how’s the throat hit like? On a dripper. Its not too much for me, I would say its a medium throat hit. Somehow this reminds me of roti planta with the butter.

Ya! Slightly right? Yeah. If you like roti planta you have to try this one. So Jeremy, what’s next? OK, lets see. OK, we can try your green flavour. Ok maybe we’ll give it a sniff first and see what it is.

It smells like apple. Now we know why it’s green. Shall we drip some? Very fruity. Yeah. Smells very fresh. It is very fruity. Can I try it? Yeah. And I think its green apple, based on the colour. Way to go Captain Obvious! OK let’s try it on a subtank now.

Hmmm taste exactly like green apple juice. Does it taste better on a subtank? It taste slightly different but it’s really like fruit juice. I prefer the taste on the dripper somehow. I think its because it has a slight menthol taste in it.

I guess you like very clean fruity flavour This will be really good for you. I totally agree with you. OK Jean, so now that we’re done with Matt Cool, lets review Hypnotic Blitz. It is a root beer kinda flavour right? Should be interesting.

What do you think? Its really nice. I think its not as cold as Dr Brew which is another root beer flavour. And I kinda like it better because I’m not into cold flavours. And yeah you’ve always been a fan of root beer flavours as well.

Yeah, I do like my drinks. This is not as cold on a Kangertech. But I prefer Dr Brew over here. But personally just like colder flavours, so to each his own. So, if you like root beer flavours. And you don’t like it being too cold.

Hypnotic Blitz is the one to go to. Try it! OK Jean, so we’re almost at the end of our show. And the last flavor that we would like to review is Big Bully or also called “Bapak Kau Biru” Which is an icy grape slurpee flavour.

This is also by the same brewer that does Creamy Suckerz I heard they recently got SIRIM approval for their vape juices which is pretty amazing. So let’s get to the drippin’ and the vapin’ I always have a problem with these child proof caps.

So you’re like a child? Here we go! Oh it definitely tastes like slurpee. I like it. The blue colour one ah? Yeah. Let me try on the subtank. Its very sweet and cold. It comes with a very nice throat hit as well actually.

Medium to strong for a fruity flavour. It reminds me when I was little and I will just run to 7-Eleven to get a blue slurpee. Yeah, slurp it up and get a brain freeze right? It does bring back memories.

All in all, this is a very nice flavour! Its relatively new in the market but it’s done by a very reputable brewer. And yeah packaging is cute, the flavor is good. I like the name too. BAPAK KAU BIRU.

They have another variant called “Mak Kau Hijau”, based on the Malaysian viral video. So if you like fruity and slightly candy and cold flavours, Big Bully is the one to go to. So, these are just four of the many juices that we have.

We will be reviewing more so stay tuned, subscribe to our channel. And, if you want to join us in discovering new flavours, head on over to our website to sign up for a membership to get your very own VapeClub Malaysia subscription box.

So thats it guys, till next time. See you!


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