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Wiii Aint Done DIY EJuice Recipe

Wiii Aint Done DIY EJuice Recipe

Welcome back to YouTube channel On this occasion we have another recipe Looking for the resemblance of The eliquids of the foot of the page And our interpretation, forgiveness… That this is the eliquid before Our interpretation of.

.. Our interpretation of this result Is what you see below This recipe leads Strawberry we have here Cookies Leads Vanilla Bean Gelato Cinanmon Sugar Cookies Strawberry and cream and Swet Strawberry Why do we have 3 types of strawberries? To round more the recipe, like we have two types of Cookies, to enhance the flavor of the recipe Let us begin with the recipe, which this is easily also Strawberry tells us that we use a 2% A 2% to make 10 milli liter totals, are 0.

2 milli liter 0.2 milli liter… a little less… The Cinnamon cookies Forgiveness, this is only Cookies, not Cinnamon Cookies… Cookies, tells us that we use a 1%, therefore, 0.1 milli liter 0.1 milli liter, for here Vanilla Bean Gelato, tells us that we use a 7% Vanilla Bean Gelato A 7% is 0.

7 milli liter for 10 milli liter totals Now yes, the Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, tells us that we use a 2% 2% A 2% is 0.2 milli liter, that we here… the Cinnamon Sugar Cookies The strawberry and cream, which is here, we requested another 2% As you can see, strawberries would have to use A 6% and what we do is to use a 2 per cent in each of the strawberries to provide more textures Strawberry and Cream 2%, therefore, 0.

2 milli liter 0.2 milli liter And Sweet Strawberry We use also a 2% Voucher… 0.2 milli liter And with this, we already have the recipe done As you can see is very fast to prepare, has very few ingredients and now we add the propylene glycol If we have said that we have 1.

6 milli liter flavor and we the prescription at 50/50… It would be 1.6 Least 5, we have to add of propylene glycol 3.4 milli liter, that what we have here And 3.4 is what I have now… 3.4 of propylene glycol Move it And we add 5 milli liter of glycerine we have here Wake up the pipe to lower the excess Should not break the lights of the lighting And is already the recipe Completed Place it back in place Closed and move it And is now completed, as you can see very fast to prepare or I’m already very fast preparation And is already, there is no more.

.. is simple The three strawberry, two of biscuit and the Vanilla Bean Gelato There is nothing more Very quick to prepare and flavor are biscuits Of strawberry bathed with vanilla ice cream, is a very pleasant flavor It is a taste that is quite rich What if I do not have the Cookies of Flavor Art? .

.. with the other cookies, you can do… But do not give the same taste, therefore, this is complicated to replace There are some flavors that I have begun to use and you will see that replace them, is complicated because the flavor you have is very special It is complicated to replace some flavors Well, this is everything and anything we are in the next, until then.


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