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Wotofo Flux Kit [Unboxing + Vape Review] w/Flow Pro Tank!

Wotofo Flux Kit [Unboxing + Vape Review] w/Flow Pro Tank!

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You know you’ll get a heads up on some brand new products coming your way. so yeah make sure you do that if you enjoyed these videos we appreciate it you know everyone tuning in and checking it out and we appreciate all the love just started bring it up but I want to make sure you guys today we’ve got a special look at something a little different kind of extravagant in my opinion but it’s still a good device nonetheless how to use this device I have one of my own and I got a stab been pretty impressed comes to us from moto foam what we’re looking at here is the flux kick we got the a flux Mon side with the flow pro tank with tofo I know mostly I’ve only really known what Topher for the last maybe like two years I know them mostly from like rebuildable I had one with tofo tank but I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got this but like I said I’ve been pleasantly surprised really been enjoying it and I’m gonna share that with you today so let’s go ahead and dive down and take an up-close look at it all right and right off the bat you can see that the flux kit is a little different like I said from one tofo but this has actually been a collaboration between and with tofo and rig mod those of you that aren’t familiar with rig mod check them out they make a lot of really great stuff pretty high-end stuff kind of what butovo does too they make really quality product sometimes they pay a little bit more for it but that’s how quality products usually work you gotta you gonna pay for what you get and they really they really you know have stepped up their game with this presentation and get this solid acrylic case here I really like the you know the presentation of the device you can see everything it’s not hidden you know and just get a picture and then you got to guess what the device looks like inside you’re gonna see it right off the bat we’ve got the rainbow color version here we’ve got our dual 18 650 flux mod we also have the flow pro tank pretty great little tank here I was really blown away by this tank and they also kind of put a little instruction on the side here telling you how to open the top you just push it and it even has like a little arrow there shows you where you push it how to push it Casey were having issues there I’ve got a nice low-profile wide board drip tip here as well and at first when I first saw that I didn’t think I was gonna like that I was like I don’t really know how I feel about that you know having that low profile drip tip on a sub ohm tank that you know is this size cuz I assumed it was gonna run at a higher wattage 810 drip tip compatible here so you can change that out if you want but I really liked it I really like the way it feels very comfortable a very comfortable fit very comfortable to vape on as well and I love this tinted glass that comes with the rainbow edition as far as I know from what I’ve seen this is the only one that comes with glass like that at least from the colors we carry and it does come with a replacement glass so you get another little piece of glass in case you break the glass that’s included there not only do you get replacement class dang it really put it in there I assumed to make sure that it stayed nice and safe it’s a bubble glass so if you want to switch that out you can use that bubble glass here I believe with the bubble glass I want to say this is either a 6 or 8 mil tank I can’t really remember off the top of my head but it’s a good sized tank and what I did notice when I use this is that it’s not a juice guzzler so I was getting really good flavor and vapor production not a juice guzzle or so you know I really don’t have any complaints on tank size underneath we get some goodies too we’ve got user’s manuals here for the flow pro sub ohm tank and for the flux mod which are both someone’s got what topos logo that one’s got rig mod and hotel foe get some replacement Oh rings here I’ve got an extra coil here we got this mesh coil here point one eight forty to sixty watts on this mesh coil so not terribly on the high end but my experience with it was pretty great also got a USB cable so a pretty straightforward little setup here let’s go and pop this tank open see what’s inside it’s on there nice and tight alright yeah and inside we’ve got that mesh coils so they give you two mesh coils both 0.

18 40 to 60 watts and I believe this is pretty standard for I believe the flow flow of flow probe replacement coil hosts are all gonna be the same there’s just one standard one and it is a mesh coil so that’s pretty great guy loves those mesh coils lately you know there’s a lot of people doing it not everybody does it well this was definitely one of the better ones probably not my favorite one but definitely one of the better ones hey you know it’s just like with all this technology we have four vaping the longer it’s out the better it gets so definitely excited to see where that that goes a lot of new interesting things happening with coil designs box Mont here like I said dual 18650 come on let’s go ahead and power that up we got our battery door here on the bottom slides right open clearly marked positive and negative connections there let’s slide our home life batteries in and then on the battery door sometimes if you push it straight down you’re not gonna be able to close it cuz the way that door is made there’s these little hinges on the side so you need to push it forward then push it down and it’ll go right into place we’ve also got this design on the back it looks like some angel wings and we’ve got the rig mod logo on there as well so both of these look the same fire button is going to be on this side here five clicks to turn it on and off very responsive fire button I really like the way it fills didn’t like it at first if felt a little soft to me but the more I’ve used it the more I liked it it’s just really responsive not to the point where I feel like a you know I’m just gonna fire it just cuz but it’s got a nice click clicky fill – but it’s not like clicky like stiff it’s got some give and it’s kind of soft and I really don’t know how to explain it buy one you’ll know what I’m talking about very straightforward to use we’ve got a good readout here we’ve got a large colorful display and you can see there’s some light action happening here so you know not necessarily the biggest fan of devices that have all these big lighted displays on them just because I feel like it drains your battery life but you can adjust this and kind of turn it from it’s still in the whole show here and being the only thing you see about the mod and it draining your battery life there’s a lot of customizations with it and I feel it is a nice accent to the mod so whether you’re a fan of that or not you can definitely control how much of your battery is being used by changing the modes in the lining which we will get to here in a minute so in order to do that what you’re going to want to do is you’re gonna want to hold the minus button down so right here it looks like there’s this little plastic frame that is built around the screen these are gonna actually be your adjustment buttons right here pretty cool something different definitely very stylish so we’re gonna hold that and hold the fire button down together and it takes us into where it says working light or standby light so it’s good a working light you can use the plus and minus to navigate between that screen then you click the fire button on it okay what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to select your color first do we want color at all and there’s little hexagons there and you’re gonna scroll through your color select your color I’m gonna go down here yeah let’s just go there’s a purple we got rainbow and then you click with the fire button now it’s going to take you over here to decide what mode you wanted in do we want to turn it off altogether do we want to flash do we want what they call Brett do we want a seven flash seven breath and you know for the purposes of this video let’s use what they call breath just to see what that looks like I turned mine off just because you can use it as a standby light as well so if we wanted to do that let’s go back in and click the minus button fire buttons click down to standby light click it here we go and there’s only two options in there off flasher breath so let’s do flash that’s what flash looks like working late these on flash let’s do flash on both so I’ll kind of show you what what that looks like when we actually use it over here what you’re gonna need to do is you can adjust your power modes so there they’ve got what they call normal powerful and powerful plus for your modes here it’s kind of like a preset curve if you will it’s just like predetermine power settings you’ve seen it on like smart devices a lot of other devices out there it’s labeled like normal soft and hard that sort of thing that’s gonna determine how much of a per you get like right off the bat when you hit that fire button and all you got to do is you hold it down here you hold down your fire button in the plus button you’ll see the readout change we’re in powerful plus standard powerful powerful plus you’ll notice the color will change with it it’s a standard is green powerful is like an orange e powerful plus is completely red we’ve also got a voltage readout it’ll read your ohms when there’s something on there and our wattage and dual battery monitor very straightforward device pretty cool pretty cool it’s only leave it on powerful plus and let’s go ahead and prep our tank now and you guys can kind of check out what the lights are doing now this will be that display I believe it was flash that we were using that’s kind of like your standby mode those are the standby lights there I believe we’ll see the other one when we fire it all right now I’m gonna prep our tank I’ve got some orange dream bar here trying to keep my flavors really light just because during the summertime I want to vape something that’s real heavy I kind of want something that’s got a good flavor you know but it’s so kind of light and fruity during the summertime and who doesn’t love an orange stream bar especially on like a hot summer day like today you don’t need a lot of juice and what we’re doing is priming our coil just a little squeeze and I run it around the ring there the top of the cotton now I’m going to hit these well wicking ports on the side dad cotton all nice and juiced up throw it back in you know this feels really good I feel like these o-rings in here are pretty pretty beefy because you can really feel once you go to screw this on how tightly it shows up right pop open our top cap and you fill it up a small Xtreme bar all right let me just screw the mod on top screw the tank I guess I should say on top yeah got a triple adjustable air flow here at the bottom really nice solid air flow control ring I’ve noticed that I mean I don’t really run into that anymore today I used to have problems you know back in the day with tanks some of them just had really crappy airflow control rings they fall off or they’re really loose and they’re always spinning all over the place but you know I’ve seen something to be less and less common looks like they definitely put a good one on here so it’s pretty much what this guy is gonna look like all set up let’s go ahead and do what we always do let’s head back up vape on a little bit talk about it and see what it’s all about all right so here is our what tofo flux kit all set up ready to go we got our tank sitting on top with some orange stream bar inside I did take it back down to standard mode if you’re getting distracted by the little lights here you that’s kind of what the flash is gonna look like so it’s multiple colors and they’re flashing but watch when I fire in turns purple kind of cool it’s something different so I took it back down to standard there’s a standard powerful powerful plus and I set it up 40 watts because they’re advertising this coil at 40 to 60 watts I personally haven’t come across a mesh coil that was running low yet so I’m really curious to see what this is like let’s see you know it is a tighter wattage range is compared to you know say like spot coils which do typically have a larger wattage range although seems like with the prince and the baby Prince coils that they’re putting out specifically for the baby prince and whatnot they have kind of tightened up that range a little bit we’re getting more of a true wattage range on there so let’s just try to have 40 watts I got airflow about quarter of the way open mmm standard mode see what it’s like it’s really really cool vapor I feel like at this point even with only like their flow being a third of the way open I’m getting more air than I am actual vapor so I really don’t know if 40 watts is enough to really properly heat that quail up but if you don’t like running at high wattages maybe that’s something you’ll enjoy I personally would like a little bit of a warmer vape and a little bit more actual vapor in there rather than just you know huffing hair so that’s really not my style but you may like it not everyone wants to run out higher wattages so let’s try it at 50 watts 50 watts works much better still really cool I was getting debt more dense vapor out of it I felt like it properly heated up that mesh quail and you’ve got all these three airflow slots here that you can control so I’ve got that not even a quarter of the way open it’s a little whistle but it’s not anything annoying or anything it’s really good really good draw on that airflow there so if you don’t want a high wattage then maybe 50 watts is where it’ll be at for you and that’s a standard mode so let’s crank it all the way up to 16 standard put the airflow about halfway open and it performs great right there like I said a lot of people are doing a mass coils now 40 60 watts I would say 50 to 60 on this coil in my opinion works best I’m really getting good vapor production right there and I’ve got a little bit more airflow open so just a nice vape there at 60 watts for me that orange stream bar tastes really good I’m getting really good flavor so the flavors not like over-the-top but you know it’s a it’s a good mesh coil a little loud on the airflow but you know that’s all subjective not a big deal I think the coil is were designed very well to work with this airflow you know just nice smooth draw there let’s crank it up I’m gonna see what powerful plus is like so this powerful plus at 60 watts airflow let’s go why to open or not so if you want that intense flavor that’s where it’s at right there powerful plus airflow wide open that was really nice definitely not my my style just because I’m not like a big you know open airflow like Russia giant clouds for a sort of person at this point not that I had never been into that but yeah that’s nice so what I’ve kind of taken away from this is that there’s kind of something for everybody here in this device and you know you’re just looking for something real stylish something you know new brand new like I don’t see these many places so I yeah you’re gonna find it here at Mount Baker vapor definitely something for everybody a little bit on the larger side but not too bad feels good pretty standard for a dual 18650 battery box mod yeah so if you’re looking to pick one of those up you can go to Mt Baker vapor calm and you know pick one up pick some batteries up take some juice up pick some orange stream bar up you know it’s pretty good stuff make sure we already talked about this I know I know you know but I’m just gonna say it again just subscribe because there’s gonna be more cool stuff coming your way all this summer always cuz that’s what we do here at MPV we try and bring you the coolest new stuff so that you know we could be your one-stop shop for all your vape beans make sure to follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and make sure to tune in next time for more great products spotlight videos from Baker vapor thanks for joining us


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