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X Vape Vista Concentrate eNail/eRig First Impression | VapeFuse

X Vape Vista Concentrate eNail/eRig First Impression | VapeFuse

What’s up guys Matt from VapeFuse here. Back again to help keep you up-to-date with the latest in vaping news and content. Now, my concentrate vape range has been growing at a rapid rate, ever since I first caught my eRig, the CloudV Electro Mini back at the end of 2017.

Now, I love eRigs because they basically mimic the performance of the traditional Dab Rig without having to worry about using a torch or butane or anything like that so, it’s basically just the battery with a nail and aqua bubbler that works perfectly to help you take low temperature or high temp dabs.

Now, the CloudV Electro Mini is awesome but one of the only misgivings I could say about it, is that it doesn’t let you to put much water in the water path/in the vapor path, so the water bubbler has on the back, supposed to cool down the concentrate vapor only fits roughly 30 mils of water, which is much less than a traditional water pipe it would be able to fit.

So this water pipe very easily get sixty to ninety mils of water in between that vapor or smoke, which helps to cool down the vapor and enhance your experience a little bit. Now, the vapor I’ve got here the X Vape Vista comes from the same line of the prestigious Top Green Technology X Max range, which includes the X Max Star, which has a jewel quartz atomizer for all your dabbing needs and the X Max V-one plus which comes with the donor atomizer which I find works a little bit more effectively and evenly vaping the concentrates.

But the device I’ve got here, the X Vape Vista combines the technology of a traditional eRig, with the technology of an e-nail, which is device that you put into the end of your water pipe, to heat up the nail and dab your concentrates.

So, this is my first time breaking down the Vista today, so we’re going through this together as I open up the box. Okay, so it’s a pretty decent setup, it’s got the traditional foam inlay like to find with a high-end water pipe.

It’s got the user manual, which appears to be pretty user friendly just comes with pretty much what’s in the kit, the temperatures you can vape at, all that kind of stuff, so it goes from, what are we looking at.

.. five hundred and seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit or three hundred degrees Celsius in the lowest temperatures, that’s giving you a low temp sort of high herb dab and you can end up cranking it up to 842 Fahrenheit or 450 Celsius looking for vaping something that’s a bit less viscous.

So looking at the kit the device itself stands out it’s quite thick compared to the Electro Mini and other sort of eRigs that I have come across and the carb cap looks pretty heavy-duty, so already I can see at the bottom it’s equipped for vaping through at 14 millimeter and 18 millimeter water pipe.

So, on the right here I’ve got a 14 mil with an 18 adapter and it’s for a little bit of fortification. So we have to do, is remove the carb cap, inside its got the quartz I’m pretty sure, yeah so it’s got an embedded quartz element for dabbing, so once you’ve got a filled with water, pretty much just fit your enail to the rig, turn it on and you’re free to dab through a water pipe.

Now, if you’re not wanting to use it with a water pipe, maybe you’re on the go, or going over to a friend’s place, you don’t take you water pipe with,it slots directly into the base, before screwing into the water attachment at the top, so I think you’d better take this part, okay so this part is the direct splash guard but when you’re dealing with the water pipe, you’re not getting any of your concentrates all over the place and making a mess and the water pipe fits directly into the top, so even compared to the Electro Mini, that’s giving you a lot more depth so you’re gonna be able to cool that vapor down a lot more, there you go, so it’s a pretty ingenious design as well the design got to be almost the same as the traditional water pipe, it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing as well, so airflow is not really an issue with this either, with the water that it’s gonna help cool down the vapor and the old quartz vapor path is really something to be admired.

I would also be running the kit, so it comes with an extra nail so you don’t really have to worry about keeping it too clean, you can sort of switch up between your nails and delay cleaning and if you want to save your enail, they’re pretty narrow cords nail, so I’m sure you can just soak that in some Isopropyl alcohol and collect it.

What else are we getting in the kit, so there’s some extra o rings, says this one has for the carb cap with a thicker one here being probably for yeah the chamber around the battery. It also comes fitted with a plug, so this one’s fitted with the Australian market, I’m sure if you’re ordering from the US, I become fitted with the traditional plug from there, a retractable USB charging cable, that’s pretty long, fascinating so to switch it off I have a long in order to be sitting, whether it’s on the floor on the table and then there’s traditional dabbing and packing tool, probably for concentrate needs.

One thing I will say with this, the carb cap itself doesn’t actually linked up to the dabbing tool, so when your’e dabbing, you’ve got to make sure that you’re using both hands, you’re doing in a stable environment, so you’re not knocking the vapor over, but it’s a pretty simple little device to use, just load up a bit of concentrate on to the end of the tool, swipe it across the nail and then carve it when you’re ready to take your hit.

So that’s it guys, the first look at the X Vape Vista, it’s a pretty cool concentrate vape and we’re breaking it down in detail for you guys in the coming weeks and we’ll be taking some hits through this water pipe.

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