Home Product Reviews Yazoo E-Liquid Review from eGoBattery.co.uk (Soulvapes Reviews)

Yazoo E-Liquid Review from eGoBattery.co.uk (Soulvapes Reviews)

Yazoo E-Liquid Review from eGoBattery.co.uk (Soulvapes Reviews)

hello and welcome to solvent reviews bringing you the second juice review of the afternoon I’m just going to be rude and take a sip on my green tea just refresh the palate before we go into this next one so another one from our ego battery don’t google UK which should be just about there ok uh this one is ya do ya do as in the milkshake this is a strawberry supposed to be the Strawberry Ozzie flavor ok um but we repeat the I’ll say again childproof caps comes with all the information need all the warnings all the information what not to do what not yet what to do what not to do ok I’ve said these are from ego battery kögel UK which until they contact me contact me I’ve not even heard of myself yeah so a little rundown Yazoo is our strawberry milkshake flavor sweet strawberry with a very smooth creamy exhale okay 10 mil again 399 not a bad price and only comes in 18 milligrams I’m afraid at the moment so if you want more allow you or higher or lower milligrams you’re kind of out of luck comes in sixty-five percent PG 35% VG okay to ensure the right balance throat it and the production um all agree it’s a UK sauce it’s all made in the UK as well sis is a completely UK e liquid and and you guys want to know yeah so strawberry egad forgive the clearomizer come some of you guess what it is can you guess what it is and i clear 16d not my favorite clearomizer but CC absolutely loves it and because she always helped I guess my phone do excuse me because she helps me the do serve you always has a little taster session with me she absolutely loves this one so that you the years ah the yazoo is in the iclear 16 d but as always it’s been tested in my toub RT dripper it’s been tested in various kangal products and it’s been tested in the spoil products as well ok so we get the full picture for you guys out there so strawberry milkshake let’s take the vate as normal or going around about the 4.

2 4.3 volts on the vision spinner to here we go plenty of vapor this one I’m not sure of I’m not a big fan of creamy e-liquids custody lipids creamy liquids I’m not a big fan of this is quite creamy koi creamy okay the two will move it I’m def it as the strawberry is really sweet it was kind of imagining like a fresh strawberry flavor is really sweet which was quite notes which kind of takes a bit of the creaminess away I would yeah I think obviously Yazoo is technically well I say milk technically milk strawberry milk when I can’t imagine you can make milk they easy milk flavor and eat it because they’ve gone for cream um yeah you get the song getting the Bruce wheatstraw brown away em in my mouth then the inhale and then you blow out and then I’m getting as I blow out and getting the creaminess and then once you’re kind of finished exhaling you get a bit more stroke we flew around in your mouth it’s quite nice but it isn’t really it’s a sweet story okay it’s not a natural subjects really sweet personally for me that’s too much cream creamy flavor but I said that’s because I’m not a fan of creamy flavor deuces unfortunately but strawberry is really nice too is really sweet which I think goes really well with the cream really well that’s quite nice I’m not sure I buy it personally because you know I’m not a fan of cream I knew I don’t I don’t think I worried it wouldn’t certainly wouldn’t be one that I’d probably by myself but I would quite happily vate that it would quite happy babe that um I will say this again although I have just stuck them down I have had issues with the the labels on the bottle starting to peel off on these the two bottles I got said the longer you leave in a draw the more they pale run the ball up to something for you guys to be told about um yeah it’s strawberries and cream it is moist I would seems more strong and cream flavor than it is a Yazoo flavor to be honest yeah I could quite happily vape it don’t get me wrong I would not be out of a pit for a huge amount of time because of that creamy that creaminess I’m not a big fan so right I think we’ll wrap that one up there because that it’s kind of it’s not that much of a complex kind of flavor final thoughts wrap up creamy yes strawberry yes but it’s very sweet so if you don’t like a sweet strawberry may not be for you and would I base from their money probably not uh don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad flavor and I will quite happily vape what is nothing that clearomizer before CC gets home I’ve bug probably couldn’t fake much more of it at once a case definitely not all David for me definitely not so yeah there we go AB only other issues obviously only comes in 18 grab a teen grams 18 milligrams which is a shame ready at 399 for time now which not a bad price ah they do do other flavors as well so get yourself over to Eagle baju coat UK which won’t way that way and I’m gonna have a little work look round um yes and we’ll wrap it up there i will put the link in the description to a ego by chico at uk2 the yazoo eliquid i will also put a link to aec for where I spend most of my time and i will put a link to the solving for reviews bak good whatever mozi go and have an outie alright peeps second deuce review of the afternoon done let’s move on the next one which I’m very excited about I shall see you in the next one bye bye for now


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