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Welcome again to the channel of YouTube, in this occasion we have another version as lately it is very in fashion, many makers make this eliquids type, the name of the VERSION this below written and for the VERSION this, we use the same flavors again that in previous recipes because all follow the same line that type of flavors.

Like what does he/she taste this recipe?, because this concretely tastes like some… or rather he/she tries to imitate some the flavor of a donut, with blueberries and the mixture this that we make him/her adding him/her a little bit of vanilla custard, obtaining this way a donut’s glazing that this rich one, is worth we find that the mixture of the biscuits with the croussant and the cookie plus the frosted donuts, gives us an it mixes very pleasant to the palate and we believe that it is but similar to a donut dough we add in this of here, Blueberry Cinnamon, to add shades to give an extra flavor to Blueberry of this recipe I have forgotten to place the bottle and their respective plug.

.. we go with the recipe… he/she tells us that of Blueberry that we have it here we put a 3% 3% is 0,3 mili liters that we have them here he/she tells us that we also put of Blueberry Candy a 4% 0,4 mili liters, here of the one Blueberry Cinnamon, tells us that we use a 2% 0,2 mili liters of Vanilla Custard, tells us that we use a 3% if I don’t incline it, it doesn’t leave 3% is here 0,3 mili liters to remember that we are making 10 mili liters, total therefore, 3% is 0,3 mili liters of Frosted Donut, he/she tells us that we use a 4% 0,4 mili liters oops, that falls me of Sweet Cream tells us that we use a 1% to give him/her some softness Sweet Cream, 1% of the Biscuit of Inawera we use a 2% 0,2 mili liters, here if you remember, in other recipes we have used, 3% of this and 1% of each one of these two.

.. Why do we use alone 2% now? instead of 3%… Because we also have the cookie or rather Cinnamon of Blueberry this what we have made is, with the cinnamon this He/she goes us well, to lower the flavor of the Biscuit and with the cinnamon we round him but we enhance it a little but and it is but pleasant, for that reason we put 2% instead of 3% as habitually we have always put of Croussant of FA we put a 1% 0,1 mili liters 0,1 mili liters and lastly, go.

.. I am already throwing bottles of new less bad than this a little wornout and for that reason you has not come out and lastly, of Cookie of FA we also use a 1% 1% is here and with this we already have the prepared recipe How much is the total of used flavor?, because in this case is 21% of used flavor as we are working on 10 mili liters total, it is 2,1 mili liters of flavor as we make at the 50/50, 2,1 mili liters less 5 mili liters of propylene glycol, he/she gives us the result of 2,9 mili liters of propylene glycol to add we already have here up them prepared 2,9 mili liters, it stops inside now we move our bottle we open it again and we add the glycerine that we have it here up we also have it prepared, 5 mili liters for inside and we already have our VERSION, carried out and this is what we understand of this eliquid that is what leaves us of flavor this recipe or this eliquid, rather and we understand that our point of view on this recipe it is this result, what hos is showing.

.. To remember that this is one VERSION… and like it is a VERSION we apply our palate on this eliquid and we put those tinge that we believe, we find but appropriate good, this is everything and anything.

.. we see each other in the following… see you later…


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