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Zeus x RTA full review ( *** UNBOXING *** ) IS IT THE BEST !!?? + Authenticity check.

Zeus x RTA full review ( *** UNBOXING *** )  IS IT THE BEST !!?? + Authenticity check.

Hello everyone, welcome to my youtube channel Today i gonna review the product called zeus x RTA I am gonna review the full product so stay tuned till the end. please subscribe my channel and give a like to my video.

If you have any question about the product please feel free to comment bellow. click the bell icon bellow for more update. so stay tuned and watch the whole video. So this is the product Zeus x RTA I have purchased this product from an authentic shop of Dhaka.

The packaging is very nice as you can see I am going to unbox now. so lets start. so this is the packaging. very beautiful packaging there is a sticker it says scratch and check there is the list of the equipment’s in the backside of the cover.

we will scratch it. we scratched and can see a code this code is mainly the authenticity code you can check the authenticity by it put the code on their official website to check then the authenticity of the product will be varified weather the product is real or clone you can 100% identify by the code.

if you put the code and it shows its validity then its real. Otherwise product of fake so you have to buy the product from a authorized vapeshop then you will not be facing any fake issue O my GOD its very beautiful and premium looking.

logo of zeus x rta premium looking tank. there is a 5.10mm drip tip on the top and 2.5mm power adapter Geekvape is purchase information A zeus x card and a warning card In total you can say its a authenticity card warranty along with authenticity there is another 5.

10mm drip tip and few O rings along with some screws and a screw driver Okay inside there are two clapton coil 28 ga and two shoelace cotton. one extra glass and tank is along with the bubble glass this is the whole thing for unboxing.

So guys this the total review and unboxing of zeus x rta if you want any vaping product update or review please comment bellow If you want real vs clone or wicking tutorial of the product please comment bellow next i will bring some more product review till then stay safe and healthy And stay tuned with my channel.

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